Mosquito Season Will Be Much Worse Than Normal In Canada This Summer All Because Of This Annoying Reason

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Mosquito Season Will Be Much Worse Than Normal In Canada This Summer All Because Of This Annoying Reason

Those annoying bugs that we know and dread every summer are back and in full force. Apparently, mosquito season in Alberta will be much worse than usual this summer and it's all thanks to the wild weather lately. 

According to CBC News, there are a lot more mosquitoes in parts of Alberta this summer. So if you feel like you’ve been getting attacked a lot recently, you’re not wrong. 

CBC News spoke with a bug expert to get to the bottom of this. According to Tadek Sampson, regional manager for Buzz Boss, a company that specializes in mosquito control, Alberta is on track to have an intense amount of these annoying bugs. 

Apparently, the influx in mosquitos is entirely due to the recent weather. Sampson told CBC that they have seen large mosquito population levels due to the amount of rain and warm summer heat that follows. And this intense weather has been happening a lot recently!

This weather pattern is heaven for mosquitoes! Higher levels of these bugs are expected in areas that have had an influx of water. After the rain has stopped and the heat comes out, this is when we will apparently see the development of the bug. 

With these bugs comes the risk of the scary West Nile virus. From now until the end of August, people are at the highest risk for the virus - especially in southern Alberta, where it is apparently a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

In 2018, there was allegedly 50 cases of West Nile reported in Alberta alone. This number went up by seven when compared to the previous year. Three of the cases in 2018 were fatal. 

This is hardly the first time that Alberta has been taken over by this bug. In 2018, the Edmonton Journal stated that an aggressive species of mosquito took over the city of Edmonton! 

This species was apparently very active in seeking prey. Thankfully, they died faster than regular mosquitoes, but they were an annoyance for quite some time. 

According to Readers Digest, Calgary is one of Canada’s worst places for mosquitoes. With more rain and more sunshine in the forecast for parts of Alberta, the mosquito plague has just begun. Lucky us. 

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