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Alberta's New Alcohol Regulations Might Soon Allow You To Drink In Parks

Albertans could soon be allowed to enjoy a cold beer (or glass of rosé) in parks across the province. Alberta's new alcohol regulations may soon be relaxed to allow people to drink in designated areas in the province’s beautiful parks. If you wish your life was a little more relaxed and European, this might be the change you've been waiting for.

Cities and provinces across Canada are known for their strict alcohol consumption rules. So this potential law change will be welcomed by any Albertans who favour the relaxed rules of places like Europe and Asia.

“This amendment is about giving responsible adults the ability to enjoy a drink in our beautiful provincial parks and other parks,” said Grant Hunter, Alberta’s associate minister for red tape reduction, who unveiled the new proposals at a news conference on Wednesday, February 26.

“We’re proposing lifting restrictions on public liquor consumption in parks,” he said, explaining that park owners could allow the public to drink liquor without food in designated picnic and recreational areas.

If the rules are passed, it would be up to park owners and operators to decide whether or not to permit drinking in clearly marked areas.

The relaxed rules would be introduced under Bill 2 of the legislature as amendments to Alberta’s Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act.

The proposals now need to be voted on and approved by other politicians in the province.

They follow new relaxed rules from last summer that allowed Albertans to drink liquor in 14 parks across the province, but only with food and before 9 p.m., as reported by the Edmonton Journal.

The new rules under Bill 2 are due to come into force on Wednesday, April 1.

The proposals were introduced on Wednesday, February 26 by Hunter along with the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC).

Alain Maisonneuve, president and chief executive of the body, said in a news release that the AGLC is committed to bringing forward “policy changes that support business development.”

He added that the group wants to offer “responsible choices that Albertans can trust, while maintaining a regulatory environment that remains affective in reducing social harms.”

Ontario has also recently introduced relaxed laws on drinking alcohol in parks.

There have also been talks of Vancouver possibly lifting some restrictions recently.

Just when we thought nothing could make us more excited for spring, boozy picnics just kicked down the door.

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