This Secret Swimming Hole In Alberta Has Turquoise Blue Waters And A Waterfall

You won't believe how blue it is 🌊
This Secret Swimming Hole In Alberta Has Turquoise Blue Waters And A Waterfall

One of the best parts of the summer is relaxing and cooling off. Having a popsicle poolside is always a good idea, but if you're looking for something more exciting to do this summer to cool off, then you have to check out this secret summer swimming hole.

Castle Falls Provincial Park is the place to go in Southern Alberta to cool off during the summer. Whether you're planning a day-trip for a swim or you want to camp down there all weekend, this site has everything you need for an epic summer day! 

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The park is about a 2.5-hour drive south of Calgary. This is one of the most picturesque spots in the province and you should definitely check it out this summer if you've never been before.

You'll find sites along Castle River for swimming and the water is gorgeous, but don't expect it to be super warm. Jumping in the river for a swim is the perfect way to cool off after a long summer drive or even a hike in the surrounding forest.

You'll meet plenty of other happy campers cliff-jumping, slacklining and having a good time in the crystal clear waters.

The campsite is open from June 1 to September 30 for $24. Check out their website for more details on the campsite.

Don't forget your bathing suit! Also, this campsite is an off-the-grid experience so if you're new to camping then you should definitely Google what a pit toilet is before you go.

Castle Falls

Price: $24 for a campsite

Address: Castle Falls Rd., Pincher Creek No. 9, AB

Why You Need To Go: For a refreshing off-the-grid experience in the heart of Alberta.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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