Alex Trebek Just Gave An Emotional Health Update One Year After His Cancer Diagnosis

He only had an 18% chance of surviving.
Alex Trebek Just Gave An Emotional Health Update One Year After His Cancer Diagnosis

He’s won something better than Jeopardy!Alex Trebek recently released an emotional video updating the world on his condition one year after being diagnosed with cancer. Although he highlighted how tough this journey has been, his outlook on life is still full of optimism.

Trebek was given the news that he would have to embark on the battle for his life against stage 4 pancreatic cancer last year at 78-years-old.

Over the last 12 months, he’s received nothing but love from both contestants and fans, as well as support when he announced he would continue to host the game show he’s been on since 1984.

Now, he’s celebrating beating the harsh odds. In a video posted on Twitter, Trebek revealed that he was told he had an 18% chance of surviving with the disease within the one year mark.

Although his chances of surviving a second year have dropped to 7%, both Trebek and his Oncologist have the utmost confidence that he’ll be here in 365 days celebrating a second anniversary.

His health update also detailed the heartbreaking struggles he’s faced while battling the terminal illness, “I’d be lying if I said this journey had been an easy one.”

He admitted to viewers that he thought if “the cancer didn’t kill me, the chemo would” and went on to describe his “days of great pain” where “bodily functions no longer functioned.”

Moving on, he also shared how the uphill climb has affected his mental health, admitting there were “sudden massive attacks of great depression that made me wonder if it was really worth fighting.”

However, he realized that that would have been a “massive betrayal” to his wife and everyone involved in his healing process.

The video ended on a positive note with the 78-year-old preaching, “If we take it just one day at a time with a positive attitude, anything is possible.”

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