All 13 Provinces And Territories In Canada Brutally Described By Urban Dictionary

Canada is one of the most interesting countries in the world. It's 13 provinces and territories contribute to its allure, with each one having a unique set of quirks that give the country substance and dimension.

It's common among Canadians to engage in a comparison of the different provinces and territories across the country. While debate is mostly carried out in a friendly and mature manner, sometimes it gets so heated that people get a little too carried away.

However, the non-constructive criticisms and remarks that people make about each other's provinces and territories often make for a hilarious read. To demonstrate this, here are all 13 provinces and territories in Canada described by Urban Dictionary, the world's source for brutally honest definitions:

Note:  The following definitions are strictly from Urban Dictionary and do not reflect the thoughts of Narcity or its staff.

1. British Columbia

2. Alberta

3. Saskatchewan

4. Manitoba

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 5. Quebec

6. New Brunswick

7. Nova Scotia

8. Prince Edward Island

9. Newfoundland And Labrador

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10. Ontario

11. Yukon

12. Northwest Territories 

13. Nunavut

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