All The Guys Miley Cyrus Dated Before She Married Liam Hemsworth

She even hooked up with one of Liam's friends.
All The Guys Miley Cyrus Dated Before She Married Liam Hemsworth

If you thought you had an awesome Christmas, it was probably nothing compared to Miley Cyrus'. On December 23rd, the former Disney channel star married her on-again, off-again beau of many years, Liam Hemsworth.

This news came as a total shock to a lot of us. We were all incredibly happy when Miley and Liam reconciled awhile ago, but no word of marriage had been shared with us. The whole thing was kept incredibly lowkey, and looked totally beautiful and intimate from the few photos shared on social media.

Since Cyrus is officially off the market now, what better time to look back at her crazy dating history over the years? Here's a list of every guy that Miley Cyrus dated before marrying Liam Hemsworth:

Tyler Posey

Back when she was just seven years old, Cyrus met Posey on the set of her dad's show Doc. The two "dated" for a brief period, and Posey even admitted that Cyrus was his first kiss when he was just nine years old. How cute!

Dylan Sprouse

When you're two of Disney channel's youngest stars, I suppose it only makes sense for you to date. The relationship didn't last long, however (we're talking no more than a few days). Sprouse once told Jimmy Kimmel that, "as soon as Nick Jonas walked by, it was all over."

Nick Jonas

This was definitely one of the couples we all grew up shipping. Cyrus and Jonas began dating in 2006, when they were just 13 years old. This was during Miley's Best of Both Worlds Tour, where the Jonas Brothers served as an opening act, so it's safe to say that the two got to spend a lot of time together. They broke up in December of 2007, and now, almost 12 years later, both of them are happily married!

Justin Gaston

Despite the five year age gap between them, these two formed a pretty serious relationship over the course of nine months, shortly after Miley split from Nick Jonas. They met via her dad's reality TV show, where Gaston was a contestant, and dated until Cyrus went to Georgia to film The Last Song.

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Liam Hemsworth

Can you believe that it's actually been 10 years since these two first met? Hemsworth and Cyrus have been dating on and off for years - first meeting on the set of The Last Song. Hemsworth proposed back in 2012, but the couple called it quits in 2013, only to be spotted back together again two years later. They may have had a rocky relationship full of ups and downs, but I think that they're living proof that "if it's meant to be, it will be".

Kellan Lutz

Shortly after she and Liam broke up, it was rumoured that Miley was hooking up with Hemsworth's pal, Kellan Lutz. Nothing too major came out of it, so it's likely that Lutz was just a rebound, or a way for Cyrus to take a dig at Hemsworth.

Jared Leto

This is another union that happened strictly for the sake of having fun. Leto and Cyrus knew that nothing serious would come of them hooking up, but the two had similar interests in art and music, so they enjoyed one another's company. Their brief fling started in February of 2014, and lasted only a few months.

Mike WiLL Made-It

Remember back in the day when Miley made a rap album? This was perhaps the most controversial part of her career, and during this time she was not only working with, but also dating producer Mike WiLL Made-It. It's been said that her whole family loved him, particularly her mother, Tish.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger had his eye on Cyrus since 2011, but he didn't actually get a chance to shoot his shot until 2014. The two talked during one of Cyrus' splits from Hemsworth, and later tried their hand at dating. They were together for several months, until photos of Schwarzenegger doing body shots off of a random girl emerged in 2015, causing the couple to split for good.