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All The Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With RBC’s Mobile App

Pro tip: You can now lock your lost or stolen debit card.
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If there’s one thing that most of us can always use a little extra help with, it’s managing our finances more efficiently. Part of juggling life and all the responsibilities that come with it is to keep a steady eye on your bank balance, preferably from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone. RBC knows that your banking app is one of the most vital apps to have - quite like a safety blanket - which is why they’ve added new features to make your time spent mobile banking all that much simpler and more streamlined!

RBC has rolled out three brand-new features to their app (the first of their kind in Canada!) to better service you and elevate your banking experience, no matter where you are. 

So, why exactly do you need the RBC mobile app? Here’s what you can do with it to, y’know, simplify your financial life.

Mobile Bill Pay

Paying your bills has never been easier with RBC’s new mobile app Mobile Bill Pay feature. All you have to do is take a photo of a bill or upload an e-bill that you need to pay, and RBC’s innovative AI algorithm creates a new payee for you, allowing you to successfully complete payments. In short, this eliminates the headache of having to manually add new payees every time a new bill finds its way into your life. You can officially kiss scrolling through that endless list of payee organizations goodbye. Hallelujah!

NOMI Budgets

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Oh, budgeting. No more need to stress. RBC is here to make your entire budgeting process a whole lot smoother with the introduction of their #NOMIbudgets. This new budgeting feature compiles your personal financial data and blends it with RBC’s AI to produce tailored budget plans to help keep you on track. Let’s just say that this budgeting tool is a tad more sophisticated than the hack job of a spreadsheet you’ve had to manually update in the past, not to mention the hours you’ve previously spent trying to figure out Excel formulas.

You’ll be set up with a custom budget that reflects your lifestyle, providing personalized insight into five main spending areas: Entertainment, Shopping, Cash Withdrawals, Transportation, and Dining. To make things even easier, you’ll receive updates when you’re hitting the higher end of your budget, giving you a warning when you’ve hit 50%, 75%, or 100% of your allotted spending amount.

But that’s not all this feature provides. With NOMI Insights, you’ll get daily personalized financial insights, along with tips to help manage your finances on the day-to-day. NOMI’s Find & Save tool analyzes your spending behavior to save money that you likely won’t spend and deposits it into your savings. It literally does all the work for you, what could be better than that?

Debit Card Lock

How many times have you had a mini heart attack when you’ve misplaced your debit card, your mind racing picturing some stranger going around tapping your card to every card reader in town? RBC’s Debit Card Lock eliminates that possibility. If your debit card has been stolen, or you’ve lost or misplaced it, just log into the RBC Mobile app to activate the Debit Card Lock feature. This prevents anyone from using your card while allowing pre-authorized transactions and mobile wallet transactions to still run according to plan. You can then unlock your card in the event that you're reunited with it. (P.S. You can even lock your credit cards!).

If you’re an RBC client, you need to download their mobile app ASAP. It just might change the way you do banking for the better! The RBC Mobile app is available for free download from the App Store on iPhone and iPad or at, and from the Google Play Store for Android.

For more information about the RBC Mobile app, visit their official website, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates.