You Can Glide Over 3,000 Feet Down A Mountain On This Alpine Slide In Utah

It's one of the largest slides in the world.
Alpine Slide In Utah Is The Coolest Way To Get Down A Mountain

Move over, playgrounds, slides aren't just for kids anymore. This spot in Utah has taken the childhood classic to a whole new level and the result is epic. Take yourself to new heights on this alpine slide in Park City. You can experience the mountain in a whole new way, ski gear not required.

The Park City Mountain Village has more than just snow sports to offer visitors. The resort also offers ziplining, a mountain coaster, and of course, the super long slide.

It's one of the longest slides in the world and spans over 3,000 feet along a luge-like track. 

A ride costs $22 and refunds aren't given for weather or cancellations. Fortunately, the slide is only open during the summer months, so bad weather shouldn't be a huge concern.

There are multiple tracks so you can race the person next to you. Loser buys hot chocolates or the next race! We just made that up, but we're pretty sure it should be an official rule. 

They've raised the stakes and the altitude, and we are here for it. The park is currently closed and scheduled to open in May.

The summer season runs from May through September and includes the slide, a coaster, and zipline courses. 

While you're at the village, you can try disc golf, gem panning, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and tons of other activities.

There's plenty of things to do to keep you occupied for a weekend getaway

Imagine zooming down the mountainside, the wind blowing through your hair, the pine trees whipping past, and the person next to you trying to go faster so they win. 

It's a majestic way to relive childhood, which is awesome. 

Be sure to hold on tight, you're in for a wild ride!

Park City Alpine Slide

Price: $22

Address: Park City, UT

Why You Need To Go: Zoom down the mountain on this slide that's over 3,000 feet long! 


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