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A Visit To This Huge Citrus Orchard Is A Must-Visit For Any Floridian

The Sunshine State is not only known for its bright days but also for its juicy and citrus fruit - the orange. Every Floridian should take a citrus tour at least once in their life and this one will give you a summer experience like no other. Al's Family Farms is a historic orange packing house located at the Indian River Citrus District.

The farm offers visitors the opportunity to watch the fruit roll by as the farmers wash, sanitize and pack it. The tour will take you on a behind-the-scenes expedition where you will learn about Florida citrus facts, taste freshly picked fruit, and sample fresh squeezed orange juice. 

This is a great way to refresh this summer while on a road trip and driving up-north.

Al's Family Farms also features an O.J. corral and a citrus observation grove where you can stroll around. The tour takes approximately one hour and a half to complete and it starts at the citrus wet-line.

The venue features a Red Barn Grill if you want to get lunch or breakfast where they serve real Mexican and American food. 

The VIP tour costs $8.50 per person and it is offered from January through April. Tour dates and times are subject to change and you can click here for more information.

It is recommended that people wear closed-toe shoes when visiting the farm and packing house. The farm is located just a mile and a half off of I-95, between West Palm Beach and Vero Beach.

Even if the tour is not scheduled during the summer you can always visit for free juice and fruit samples six days a week. Everything at this farm is done the old-fashioned and juicy way.

And if you're wondering if it's worth the trip, a happy customer told Narcity "Those oranges, I have to be honest, they where seriously the best I have ever tasted in my life. I’m not joking I have been all over the country and that orange juice.... [god] it was good."

Florida Citrus Tour

Address: 2001 N King’s Hwy Fort Pierce, FL 34951

Price: $8.50 a person

Why you need to go: A historic barn tour with one of the best oranges from the United States.


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