The Most Hated "The Amazing Race Canada" Couple Leave The Race Saying "It's For The Best"

The team has created a lot of controversy.
The Most Hated "The Amazing Race Canada" Couple Leave The Race Saying "It's For The Best"

You'd think that being eliminated off of a huge televised game show would get a bigger reaction than, "It's for the best," but for Dave and Irina on The Amazing Race Canada, not so much. It potentially looks like the most disliked couple in Montreal is sticking with their petty attitudes. They did, however, have quite a few controversial things to say about the show, their fellow competitors, and the reason for them competing in the first place. Dave and Irina were eliminated from The Amazing Race Canada and it doesn't seem like anyone is going to miss them. 

The two were eliminated after performing badly in a competition, which came as a shock to viewers considering the couple they loved to hate were unbeatable for basically the entire season. 

When they were asked if they were shocked they didn't make it to the finale, Dave told the Toronto Sun, "I think it was planned in my head. No matter what happens in the finale, none of the other teams can beat us." Except they did already beat them...

They also mentioned how their fellow competitors were just to "vanilla" and not "on their level" to be considered actual competitors. 

Basically, their Toronto Sun interview about losing focused a whole lot on how they were still the best. If you remember, the couple was hated for their unethical tactics during the race, like stealing a cab or referring to the other competitors as "peasants." 

When asked if they regret using the term peasant, they said:

"Does it often happen that royalty mingles with the commoners? They are peasants. They don’t have the life that we have. I’m going to say it like it is. Even the winner of the Amazing Race, they’re going to go back to their regular life because you don’t retire on $250,000." 

Their response is actually the definition of privilege and is why they got so much hate throughout their race. 

They claim that they "changed the game" with their tactics and that they are the true winners because they're the team people will remember after this season is over. In some twisted way, it is true.

There's no such thing as bad press, right?