You Can Rent This Insane 60' Yacht Airbnb In Florida & It's Surprisingly Affordable

Sail away with me.
Amazing Yacht Airbnb In Florida Is Surprisingly Affordable

Florida has so many amazing places to visit and getting there is half the fun. But finding a place to stay? That’s a whole other adventure on its own. If you’re willing to forsake hotel standards, there are some amazing places in the Sunshine State to stay overnight — or several nights! And if you’re looking for a special experience, you have to check out this amazing yacht Airbnb that’s actually pretty affordable.

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At 60 feet long, this yacht offers a luxurious stay off the shore of Shell Island. Private, unique, and secluded, it’s a getaway all on its own.

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The yacht is owned by an Airbnb Super Host, so you know you’ll be getting a great experience. 100% of recent guests have left 5-star ratings.

Since the yacht is moored off the shore of Shell Island, the host will pick you up from the marina via water shuttle. Be sure to pack enough food and beverages for the length of your stay.

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Ice, coolers, linens, a propane grill, kitchen supplies, and paddleboards are already waiting for you on board.

The yacht is moored the entire stay, so it’s recommended that you are in shape enough to climb up the ladder to the platform. And if you need to return to shore during your stay, the water shuttle will be available for an extra fee.

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The space itself is perfect for couples or solo travelers. The yacht is operated and owned by a local couple, and they even offer concierge services to make sure your stay is perfect. Your car will be safely parked for free during your stay, as well.

The impact of the get-away experience is topped off with a lack of Wi-Fi, so leave the work at home and enjoy your stay to the fullest. There is even beach and snorkeling gear on board to take advantage of, too.

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Shell Island Offshore Experience aboard 60' Yacht

Price: $225 per night

When: By reservation

Address: Panama City, FL

Why You Need To Go: A private yacht all to yourself? Now that's a once in a lifetime experience!

These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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