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Amazon Canada Is Teaming Up With The Government To Deliver Medical Equipment

Getting medical gear to people who need it is at the top of Canada's priority list. In Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's statement for the day, it was revealed that the country would be working with Amazon Canada to get equipment where it needs to go. It also left some people wondering why Canada Post wasn't chosen.

In his April 3 address, Trudeau highlighted the importance of providing medical equipment to doctors and other healthcare professionals.

He stated that the government had signed an agreement with Amazon Canada to manage the delivery of items like masks, gloves, face shields, and gowns to the provinces and territories.

The Prime Minister had also written on Twitter that he and Chrystia Freeland were coordinating with all of Canada's premiers to ensure every province gets what it needs.

"Canadians can count on their leaders working together as we get through this," Trudeau wrote in an April 2 tweet, "Today, @cafreelandand I spoke with Premiers again about coordinating our efforts on all fronts. This is a Team Canada effort."

The decision to partner with Amazon Canada left some people on Twitter wondering why the government had not chosen to partner with Canada Post on the delivery of this equipment.

"I mean Canada post is slow AF but Amazon Canada delivering emergency supplies to the provinces kind of totally undermines our national mail services right?" wrote @ffloridas.

"Canada Post has a strong union in @cupw, while Amazon Canada is accused of firing employees for unionizing and generally has atrocious labour conditions. But I'm sure that had nothing to do with this decision." wrote @mbueckert.

Some other Twitter users praised the decision, and even responded by pointing out that Amazon often uses Canada Post to make deliveries anyway.

"Amazon Canada uses Canada post, other shipping companies as well and have good network, infrastructure to deliver faster, reliably. While canada post alone sucks and cant handle it. It is simple logical move," wrote @NiziShirin.

Prime Minister Trudeau also recently announced that the country would be spending $2 billion in order to get personal protective equipment to medical professionals.