A night of terror is coming your way! These Amazon Prime Canada horror movies all got perfect scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Watch your back because there are tons of serial killers in store.

It doesn't need to be Halloween time to indulge in the creepiest movies. Once you're done with these flicks, Netflix Canada has a bunch of horror films with over 90% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes too. 

But if you really can't handle the jumpscares, you can indulge your love for highly rated movies on Netflix Canada, Amazon Prime Canada, and even Disney+. They all scored 100% ratings so you know they'll impress even your biggest film critic friends. 

Once you're done with those, there are also quite a few flicks that got near-perfect scores on both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix Canada. Your must-watch lists can now be fully stocked for your next night in!

Definitely don't forget to add these seven horror flicks that earned themselves 100% Rotten Tomatoes ratings. 

The Unseen

Follow the creepy story of a man who starts becoming mysteriously invisible and isolates himself in order to hide his secret. When he decides to reconnect with his daughter after eight years, she goes missing, and he must sacrifice exposing himself in order to find her.


A couple expecting a baby move into a Brooklyn apartment in this 2014 horror drama. When their daughter Lyle mysteriously dies, they start to worry for their newborn child while living in their home that seems to house other satanic individuals.


Based on Mary Shelley's original Frankenstein, this modern adaptation is about a monster who is created by a couple and then abandoned. The film follows his perspective as he escapes into society and learns about the reality of humanity.

Crush The Skull

This 2015 thriller follows a pair of thieves planning to raid a house but end up getting trapped inside by the owner who's a maniac serial killer out for their blood.

Chastity Bites

This comedy-horror flick follows a serial killer who sacrifices the lives of hundreds of virgins and bathes in their blood to keep herself looking young. But when a blogger and reporter turns up at the school she feasts at, her deathly secret risks being exposed.

The Sadist

Horror goes back over 50 years in this 1963 flick filmed in black-and-white for an old school viewing experience. It's loosely based on famous serial killer Charles Starkweather and follows three people who get stranded and held hostage by a psychopath after having car trouble.

The Evil Within

You'll want to watch out for the people around you after watching this 2017 flick about a handicapped boy who gets possessed by an evil spirit. He's uncontrollably forced to go on a murderous rampage harming his friends and family in his path.

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