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8 Christmas Movies On Amazon Prime Video If You’re Sick Of The Ones On Netflix Canada

It's finally, almost the most wonderful time of the year and with the holiday season comes some of the best movies. With the rise of the streaming platform industry, these movies are constantly at our fingertips and a lot of the time, seasonal movies are available year-round. Just take a look at Amazon Prime Video Christmas movies.

While Netflix has made themselves known as one of the top distributors for Christmas movies with films like The Princess Switch and A Christmas Prince, maybe it's time we look to other platforms for all of our holiday needs as well. 

Amazon Prime Video has so many holiday movies offered year-round and has new ones hitting the platform in November. From iconic films to classics to Hallmark cringe-fests, they offer a movie for every type of holiday binge-watcher. 

Check out 8 of the best ones below! 

The Holiday

Rating: 6.9/10 on IMDb

Everyone knows The Holiday. It usually tops every rom-com lovers holiday list during the festive season. Starring the iconic Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, it follows a woman who is upset with her love life and decides to swap homes with a woman in England. Over the course of the holidays, she navigates life living in a small countryside cottage while potentially romancing the love of her life. Her friend, Iris, meanwhile also bumps into the love of her life in her California mansion.

Holiday Engagement 

Rating: 6/10 on IMDb

Holiday Engagement is your perfect cheesy Hallmark holiday movie. After her engagement is broken off just before Thanksgiving, Hillary burn is desperate to keep up her perfect image when it comes to her family. She hires an unemployed David to be her fiance for the holidays but maybe he won't stay just a replacement for long.

Homeless for the Holidays 

Rating: 2.7/10 on IMDb

Homeless for the Holidays follows a businessman who prides himself on the life he's built for his family until he's laid off and forced to work in a fast-food restaurant in order to make ends meet. Can he save his family and life before Christmas?

Christmas In New York 

Rating: 5.2/10 on IMDb

Who said originals were always better? Christmas In New York takes on the same concept of Love Actually expect now it's Christmas. It follows six couples who don't know each other, all staying in the same Manhattan hotel on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Child

Rating: 6.1/10 on IMDb

Christmas Child follows an adopted Chicago journalist who is assigned to cover a story in small-town Texas. Investigating a mysterious life-size nativity scene leads him on a path that'll help him discover who he and his birth family really are.

The Heart of Christmas 

Rating: 7.1/10 on IMDb

This movie isn't your average happy ending Hallmark film. It follows a family, The Locke's, who are given the tragic news that their toddler son is terminally ill. The movie follows their determination to give their son Dax the best last Christmas they can.

A Christmas Carol

Rating: 6.6/10 on IMDb

In case you really wanted to get classic with your Christmas movie binge. Amazon Prime offers the original 1935 A Christmas Carol that was recently restored and made in colour! You can't go wrong with good old Scrooge.

Christmas Trade 

Rating: 4.7/10 on IMDb

Christmas Trade is basically Freaky Friday gone Christmas. It follows a lawyer and his son who magically swap bodies just days before Christmas. Will they be able to rekindle their bond?

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