If you've been wondering what the next step for television is after the takeover of streaming platforms, Amazon has your answer. The company just released a new advancement for its Prime members that will make it even easier to access television. Amazon Prime will soon let Canadians watch cable through their streaming site.  

With Netflix dominating the streaming market right now, it's hard for any other company to jump ahead. Disney isn't the only company competing for that top spot. In their press release, Amazon announced that they'll be opening up their video channels to Canadians for the first time. 

Amazon is also the first company to offer streaming cable service to households that have switched exclusively to streaming platforms. How it'll work is that subscribers will purchase channels in a bundle, or individually, and then be awarded all television series that air on each channel. Prices for individual channels range from $3.99 to $6.99 and prices for bundles average at about $12.99. 

This Prime Video expansion is successful in the United States, but there are some doubts about the rollout in Canada. Although the service offers popular channels like, Nickelodeon, Starz, Food Network, and Showcase, the platform is missing any channel that covers news and sports. It's also missing deals with some of the most popular networks like CTV, HBO, and Showcase.

Amazon has faith that their lack of deals with popular broadcasters won't affect the outcome. Their American version launched with only 25 networks and now has reached 150.

There has also been some concern in the past from Canadian broadcasters that this will ruin chances for Canadian made networks. Amazon has disputed these concerns and actually thinks it's a positive way for Canadian broadcasters to showcase their shows. 

We're not sure if this new Amazon Prime expansion will meet success in Canada, but we do know that 2019 seems like the year that we'll be seeing a big shift in the concept of online streaming.