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Americans Are Obsessed With Canada’s All Dressed Chips And Are Even Driving Across The Border To Get Them

Americans love All Dressed chips that can only be found in Canada.
Americans Are Obsessed With Canada’s All Dressed Chips And Are Even Driving Across The Border To Get Them

Canada has many beloved treasures. From poutine to Shawn Mendes, the beautiful scenery, maple syrup and more, there are so many things that make us super proud to be Canadian. There are several foods that are iconically Canadian and even Americans are getting jealous. Americans are absolutely obsessed with Canada's All Dressed chips, and some are even going all the way across the border into our homeland just to get their hands on them. 

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All Dressed Chips are a national treasure. Our neighbours down south have also recognized the chips in their all dressed glory and been raving about them on social media. 

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It all started when an American posted onto the Reddit Canada thread about the famed All Dressed Chips. "Western New Yorker here and the local grocery store had All Dressed Chips available," wrote Redditor cryptkicker130.

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"Brought them home and had an out of body event eating those treasures from The Great White North. Thanks for that transcendental experience. Now I found something better than Timbits". 

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Many Americans have even said that they've made the trip across the border all for All Dressed Chips. Worth it? Yes. My American friends even came up once with an empty suitcase and filled it with the chips – true story and I witnessed the whole incredible thing firsthand. Check out what Americans have had to say about visiting Canada for All Dressed Chips. 

My mom and I just crossed border into #Canada for all dressed and ketchup chips and delicious hoser candy.US Border patrol dudes looked at us like we were nuts but had to give it to us...we went for the good stuff.

August 5, 2018

Gonna grab some All Dressed chips later. Benefit of living on the American-Canadian border

December 11, 2018

I went to loblaws across the border 2 days ago and got some and all dressed chips 😁

December 31, 2017

The Reddit post attracted the attention of many people. Since being posted less than one day ago, there have been almost 80 comments. In true friendly Canadian fashion, many took the time to recommend some other iconic treats that can be found in Canada. Check out what they had to say! 

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Many Canadians also agreed in the Reddit thread that All Dressed Chips are iconic. So the next time you pay your American friends a visit, make sure to bring them some All Dressed Chips and introduce them to this national treasure. 

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