Americans Are Reportedly Using Too Much Toilet Paper And Destroying Canadian Forests And Habitats & Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reveal in a new research study that toilet paper use in the United States is harming Canadian forests.
Americans Are Reportedly Using Too Much Toilet Paper And Destroying Canadian Forests And Habitats

A new report has revealed that our neighbours across the border have been significantly impacting our natural ecosystems and habitats. Americans are actually using too much toilet paper and subsequently destroying Canadian forests and habitats, according to a new, which is an advocacy organization, and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) revealed the alarming data in their new report yesterday on February 20. 

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The new report titled "The Issue with Tissue" says that American companies rely on ancient trees from the Canadian boreal forest to make toilet paper and they do not use any recycled content at all. 

The report also reveals that the United States is one of the countries that use the most toilet paper in the whole world and this is subsequently destroying the Canadian forests and habitats, which is where the paper is sourced from. According to the research, Americans are responsible for over 20 percent of the entire world's tissue consumption yet only account for 4 percent of the global population. 

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The U.S.'s significant toilet paper use leads to harmful consequences to Canadian forests and habitats."This destructive 'tree-to-toilet pipeline' does massive harm to Indigenous Peoples and iconic species like the boreal caribou and Canada lynx," readsthe report. "Canada’s boreal forest also stores nearly two times as much carbon as is in all the world’s recoverable oil reserves combined". 

The study calls out American companies for choosing to continue sourcing from Canadian forests when there are more sustainable solutions available. "Toilet paper and tissue manufacturers continue to rely on forests even though they have the resources and means to create and deliver products with recycled and responsibly sourced content that are better for the planet," reads the study

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"Instead of relying on virgin fiber from ancient forests, tissue companies can use recycled content or sustainably sourced alternative fibers. Use of these materials to create tissue can dramatically reduce our destructive impact on the boreal and other forests in North America and around the world."

Several Canadians expressed their concern in the report"As a Canadian, I am horrified that Charmin and other leading brands are making toilet paper out of trees clearcut from ancient boreal forests, said Tzeporah Berman, director of International Program at

Deputy Grand Chief Mandy Gull of the Cree Nation said in the report that their homelands could be at risk if trees continue to be cut down in the Canadian boreal forest. "As Indigenous Peoples in the boreal forest, we live on the food from our land. The forest is our supermarket, with aisles of berries and meats and fish," she said.

"My hope is that, once people know that their choice of tissue will determine whether food will be there for us tomorrow, they will help protect our homelands by switching to recycled and responsibly sourced products."

You can also take action yourself to help protect the vital Canadian forests and habitats. There are different initiatives that has launched, which you can check out on their website

To read the full report from and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), you can visit their website

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