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Americans Keep Searching 'Move To Canada' & These Are The States They Want To Leave Behind

Residents of Florida and Texas are looking for something different, though. 👀

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An American passport. Right: A Canadian flag.

An American passport. Right: A Canadian flag.

Ever considered moving to another country? Well, you're not alone. A new report has found that a considerable number of Americans are dreaming of moving to Canada — and many are choosing it over anywhere else in the world.

Home warranty company American Home Shield recently published a report looking at where Americans would most like to relocate to, considering countries from around the globe.

With interest in moving abroad soaring by 29% in the U.S. since 2020, the study analyzed the number of Google searches for "moving to X" for every U.S. state to figure out where Americans would most like to relocate to.

While the study found that Florida is the most commonly-searched relocation destination inside the United States, it concluded that the majority of Americans would choose Canada if they were going to move to another country.

In fact, it found that residents from as many as 42 American states are Googling "moving to Canada," with the AHS report citing factors like Canada's housing conditions, quality of life and job security as potential attractions.

Moving to Canada

Map of the United States showing every state's preferred relocation country.

Map of the United States showing every state's preferred relocation country.

American Home Shield | Handout

Among those looking up a move to Canada are people in states like Washington, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey and more.

That being said, not all Americans have Canada at the top of their list.

Residents of Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, North Dakota, New Hampshire and California have been researching life in Europe, with Spain taking the top spot when it comes to relocation goals in these areas.

Those living in Hawaii have also been dreaming of life in another continent, as "moving to Japan" is the most commonly searched term for those on the island.

Americans want to move

According to the survey, Americans in some states are more eager to move away from their existing location than others.

It found that Alaskans are Googling relocation terms more than anyone else, with a "whopping" 474.5 searches per 100,000 in the area being related to moving somewhere else.

Like residents of Wyoming and Vermont — where relocation-related search terms are also high month on month — those living in Alaska have Canada at the top of their list.

Moving to Japan

Earlier this year, a similar report found that residents of 50 other countries globally want to move to Canada more than anywhere else.

Among those who were researching a move to the Great White North were people from China, India, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, South Africa and Spain, as well as 41 other countries.

Factors like Canada's diversity and multiculturalism, education, economic freedom and civil liberties were listed as draws for newcomers, as well as its thriving expat community.

While people in other countries have their eyes on Canada, Canadians are apparently looking elsewhere. Local search data suggests that Japan is a dream destination for many Canucks, due in part to its job opportunities and high life expectancy.

The grass is always greener, eh?

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