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US Travellers Spent $1.2 Billion In Ontario And BC Last Summer

Statistics Canada released data stating Americans spent billions on trips to Canada in 2018.
US Travellers Spent $1.2 Billion In Ontario And BC Last Summer

Statistics Canada has recently released data about the amount of money that was spent by US travellers in Canada in 2018 and the numbers are staggering. According to the data, US travellers spent over $4 billion travelling to Canada last summer! This $4.3 billion is just under half of the total foreign travel spending in Canada last year. Of this $4.3 billion, $1.2 billion was spent in BC and Ontario alone. 

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According to Statistics Canada, US residents took 9.2 million trips to Canada in the third quarter of 2018. This third quarter represents July to September which is traditionally the busiest quarters for travel in Canada. 

Within these summer months, the United States represented 77.5% of international trips to Canada. During their visits, $4.3 billion was spent collectively among all provinces. 

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The average traveller to Canada spent $470 per trip. Accommodations were the largest single expenditure at 40.8%  of spending on food and beverage coming in second at 26.4%. Other significant spending items were transportation services and recreational entertainment at 15.2% and 9.4% respectively. 

According to Stats Canada, the US made up just half of the overall foreign spending due to travellers staying for shorter periods of time. The average US visitor to Canada spent five nights per trip, compared to 19 nights spent by many overseas visitors. 

Via Statistics Canada

A majority of these US travellers went to Ontario and BC. About 45.4% of US travellers coming to Canada went to Ontario while another 22.9% went to BC. Combined, these two provinces made up more than two-thirds of the visits from the US. 

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Because these two provinces saw over two-thirds of US travellers, it only makes sense that they received the most in foreign spending. Stats Canada has states that BC received $2.6 billion in spending from all foreign travelling during the third quarter of 2018. Of this, $752.4 million was spent by US travellers.

Coastal and mountain regions in BC including Vancouver received $1.7 billion in foreign travel spending. This was the largest amount among the 22 tourism regions in Canada including Ontario. Of this $1.7 billion, $752.4 million was spent by US travellers.

Ontario earned $2.7 billion in foreign money with visitors spending the most in the Greater Toronto Area. This tourist region was the second highest revenue from foreign travellers to Canada coming in at $1.2 billion. Of this money, $454.2 million was spent by our southern neighbours. 

Altogether, all travellers visiting Canada during the third quarter of 2018 spent $8.7 billion. 

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A complete breakdown of the third quarter findings for 2018 has been posted on the Statistics Canada website. Click here to read more.