Netflix Canada Announces The Official Date That Monthly Membership Prices Are Going Up

Netflix Canada's price increase will officially take effect in just a few short weeks.

Last updated : 10/01/2019 @ 19:53 PM

Recently, Netflix announced that their monthly membership fees would be increasing in Canada at the start of the new year. Netflix Canada's price increase is their biggest yet, at an extra $3.00 per month. Meaning that basic plans will soon cost $9.99, standard plans  $13.99, and premium plans a whopping $16.99 monthly, equal to over $200 a year. 

Now that we're officially over a week into 2019, Netflix has divulged the details about when their Canadian subscribers can expect to start paying more for streaming.

Netflix told Narcity, "Members will be notified through email and will also receive a notification within the app 30 days ahead of their price increase. Timing will be based on the specific member’s billing cycle and will be rolled out gradually."

Netflix will announce the date in the form of a home screen notice which reads, "Your monthly price is increasing to [new fee] on [date]." As of that date, Netflix plan members across Canada will see their monthly fees go up.

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Via Netflix Canada

To soften the blow, Netflix also included the following note in their announcement - "We're adding more great entertainment to Netflix so there's more for you to enjoy." Many Canadians argue that they're also removing great entertainment in the process, such as New Girl and Bob's Burgers. 

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But, Canada's biggest gripe with Netflix is about more than just the cost of the membership. Netflix lacks the content variety that more and more competitors are beginning to offer. Netflix members often complain about the time it takes for "great entertainment" to arrive on the platform. By contrast,  Netflix gives viewers a short time window to watch certain titles on the platform before removing them, likely to save on costs.

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It's clear that Netflix has to step up their game if they plan to keep their Canadian subscribers. Without incentive, it's easy to see why Canadians are deciding that Netflix's new prices simply aren't worth paying.

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