Parts Of Ontario Are Going To Feel Like -50°C Today And Going Outside Is Actually Considered Dangerous

Parts of Ontario Are Going To Feel Like -50°C today, here's how residents there are coping.

Canadians everywhere like to think we have it rough when it comes to winter, but northern Canada is definitely winning that competition since parts of Ontario are going to feel like -50°C today. In Attawapiskat and other northern Ontario towns, Environment Canada has issued extreme cold weather warnings as the temperature plummets deep into the negatives. 

Environment Canada has actually issued extreme cold warningsin nine different northern areas. They are Attawapiskat, Big Trout Lake-Sachigo Lake, Fort Hope-Webequie, Fort Severn, Geraldton-Manitouwadge-Hornepayne, Kapuskasing-Hearst, Moosenee-Fort Albany, Peawanuck, and Pickle Lake-Wannummin. 

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According to the warnings, these areas are expected to have cold temperatures and wind chills that will make it feel like anywhere from -40°C to -50°C, depending on which area you are in. These are wind chill levels that Environment Canada is calling dangerous. While the greatest risk is for young children, the elderly, anyone who is sick, or people who work outside these extreme temperatures can be dangerous and even life-threatening for anybody. 

At -50°C it only takes about 2-3 minutes for any exposed skin to become completely frost-bitten, or in other words, frozen solid. This means that if you're outside in -50°C weather with a glove on for 2-3 minutes you would risk losing all your fingers. 

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On top of that, while your extremities are at the greatest risk for freezing off, your core temperature is where the real danger begins. If your core temperature drops below 37°C, the average temperature for humans, then hypothermia begins to set in. 

Hypothermia comes in stages, first marked by shivering which is your body trying to warm itself, then as it gets worse, your breathing will start to slow down and you'll begin slurring words and acting like you're drunk. As your body gets colder you will actually stop shivering and your mind may not even think you're cold anymore. That's when the risk of death is highest. 

While hypothermia is a very real risk in extreme cold like the ones experienced in Northern Ontario today, there are some things people can do to protect themselves. In their warning, Environment Canada recommends dressing in warm layers that can be removed if you get too hot. They also recommend that that outer layer be wind-resistant. 

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That is advice echoed and also followed by one Attawapiskat resident, who also happens to be a long distance, ultra marathon runner, who goes by @ultralouie online. In one of her Instagram posts, she mentions wearing lots of base layers to help protect from the sting of the wind. In her other photos, she is regularly bundled up with face coverings and goggles as protection too. 

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The extreme cold warnings are currently in effect in Northern Ontario and the -50°C temperatures are expected to remain all week long and into the weekend as well. 

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Nicki Minaj Got Called Out By Trinidad And Tobago's Health Minister After Her Testicle Tweet

"We wasted so much time yesterday running down this false claim," he said.

The internet has been abuzz since Nicki Minaj claimed a cousin's friend got into some serious testicular trouble after receiving his COVID-19 vaccine, but Trinidad and Tobago's Health Minister is not impressed.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, September 15, Dr. Terrence Deyalsingh refuted the Trinidad-born rapper's claim and complained that the "false claim" had wasted so much of his department's time.

"What was sad about this is that it wasted our time yesterday, trying to track down," Deyalsingh said, "because we take all these claims, seriously, whether it's on social media, or mainstream media."

"As we stand now, there is absolutely no reported such side effect or adverse event of testicular swelling in Trinidad [...] or anywhere else. None that we know of anywhere else in the world," he added.

AP also reported the claims were false, and the New York Times wrote that the White House has reached out to Minaj to discuss vaccine safety. However, there's still no news yet on whether or not Dr. Fauci will get an invited to her cousin's friend's wedding if it ever gets rescheduled.


Starbucks Canada Has A BOGO Deal On Drinks For The Next 5 Days

A great excuse to try the new apple crisp macchiato.

If you love Starbucks Canada and love free drinks, you'll be happy to know the coffee chain's BOGO deal is back! Now until September 20, when you buy any handcrafted drink, you'll get a second one free.

This deal is available through the Starbucks app to those with a Starbucks Rewards account. If you don't already have one, it's super easy to set up on your Android or iPhone.

Next time you open your app and order a pumpkin spice latte or apple crisp macchiato, the BOGO discount will be automatically applied to your account. The discount isn't exclusive to hot bevies; you can also get a Frappuccino and other iced or blended drinks, too.

Starbucks Canada

Details: The BOGO deal at Starbucks Canada back! Now until September 20, when you buy any handcrafted drink, you'll get a second one free. This includes hot, iced and blended beverages.


Fasten your seatbelts, Ontario drivers: your commute down Highway 427 is about to get a lot faster.

Ontario announced that it's opening up a 10-kilometre expansion of Highway 427 this Saturday, September 18. The expansion will stretch from Finch Avenue to Major Mackenzie Drive in order to help with traffic flow and minimize congestion.

According to the provincial government's news release, the 427 expansion is expected to save commuters up to 25 minutes of travel time for a two-way trip compared to driving along neighbouring municipal roadways during those hectic peak traffic periods.

There's also a 6.6-kilometre extension of the highway that has eight new lanes from Highway 7 to Rutherford Road, and six new lanes to Major Mackenzie Drive. Three new interchanges have also been added to connect roadways at Langstaff Road, Rutherford Road and Major Mackenzie Drive.

Additionally, a four-kilometre segment from Finch to Highway 7 has also been widened up to eight lanes now.

Highway 427 is also soon going to have one High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane running in each direction to help ease traffic. The northbound HOV lane is placed between Highway 409 and Rutherford Road while the HOV going southbound starts just north of Rutherford Road and connects to an already existing HOV lane south of Finch Ave.

"The Highway 427 expansion will greatly benefit the people of Vaughan-Woodbridge," said Michael Tibollo, MPP for Vaughan and Woodbridge. "Not only will it help take vehicles causing crippling gridlock off our local roads, but it will also make our community safer while reducing travel times for commuters and commercial vehicles."


Les épices de latte à la citrouille parfument l'air, la mijoteuse est sortie et la brise fraiche du matin te rafraîchit les narines : oui, ça sent l'automne. Les paysages verdoyants se transforment tranquillement pour revêtir leurs teintes chaleureuses et une carte des plus belles couleurs de l'automne au Québec te permet de ne rien rater de ce spectacle bucolique.

La saison des couleurs n'arrive pas du jour au lendemain ni partout en même temps dans la province, alors c'est pratique de savoir où elles sont à leur apogée pour pouvoir en profiter au maximum lors de ton prochain road trip.

Bonjour Québec

C'est le site Bonjour Québec qui permet de suivre l'évolution de cette transformation à chaque endroit sur la carte.

Elle suit un code de couleur qui varie entre le vert si le changement n'a pas encore débuté, jusqu'à son apogée en rouge et pour terminer, en gris lorsque les feuilles seront tombées.

L'outil est mis à jour le jeudi de chaque semaine. En date du 16 septembre, on remarque que le processus a déjà débuté dans plusieurs régions du Québec, notamment dans les Laurentides, Lanaudière, Chaudière-Appalaches et en Estrie.

Il semblerait même que ce soit le week-end idéal pour aller faire un tour près du parc national du Mont-Tremblant, car c'est déjà en orange dans ce coin-là.

Si tu n'as pas trop de frissons lorsqu'on te parle de Ouija et d'esprits, tu vas vouloir essayer cette nouvelle activité où tu dois chasser des fantômes dans la vieille prison historique de Cornwall, à une heure et demie de Montréal.

Cette ancienne prison située en Ontario a été le lieu d'événements lugubres ainsi que le sujet d'anecdotes relatant des incidents paranormaux au cours des années et cet événement te permet d'en apprendre encore plus sur l'histoire hantée du site.

C'est d'ailleurs avec un briefing en anglais sur les événements marquants de l'endroit que débute l'activité organisée par l'équipe de The Haunted Walk et Phantoms of Yore.

Selon ce qui est expliqué sur le site Web, des récits d'horreur mettant en scène des meurtres et des exécutions seront mis de l'avant avant la visite de ce bâtiment du 19e siècle. Chaque enquêteur recevra ensuite le matériel nécessaire pour partir en quête de preuves du passage d'esprits dans l'établissement, et ce, dans l'obscurité.

Pour participer à l'événement, six dates ont été annoncées, soit les 17 et 18 septembre, les 22 et 23 octobre ainsi que les 29 et 30 octobre 2021. Il y a plusieurs départs par soir entre 16 h et 23 h.

Chaque expérience dure environ trois heures et demie, et tu dois réserver ta place en ligne pour un montant de 69,99 $ afin de tester tes talents de chasseur ou chasseuse de fantôme.

Enquêtes paranormales à la prison historique Cornwall 

Coût : 69,99 $ par personne pour trois heures et demie

Quand : Les 17 et 18 septembre, les 22 et 23 octobre, les 29 et 30 octobre

Adresse : 11, rue Water O., Cornwall, ON

Site Web


People In Durham Are Now Required To Track Any & All Visitors Or Risk Facing A Hefty Fine

If you don't keep a list of your guests' info, you could potentially get in trouble.

If you're planning on having some friends over and you're living in the Durham Region (which is anywhere from Pickering to Whitby) there are some new rules that you now need to follow.

As of September 11 at 12:01 a.m., anyone who hosts a social gathering in the area — from homeowners, tenants and owners to business operators — must conduct contract tracing of everyone who comes over. This means having a complete list of names and contact information of everyone who comes over (no matter how old they are) and holding onto that information for at least a month.

Durham Region Health Department can request that information at any time, and it'll have to be provided within 24 hours of the request or at another time specified.

All gatherings will also have to fit under the restrictions laid out by the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, which currently allows up to 25 people indoors.

Failure to comply could land you a fine of $5,000 and under for individuals or $25,000 for businesses, as specified by section 100 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

"The Health Department will only request this information, if necessary, during a COVID-19 investigation associated with the social gathering," Glendene Collins, manager of community and resource development at the Durham Regional Health Department, told Narcity in an email.

No more Team Moderna or Pfizer; the names of COVID-19 vaccines in Canada have been changed and the new ones are pretty strange.

On September 16, Health Canada announced that it has approved changes to the brand names of the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines. Now, Pfizer is Comirnaty, Moderna is Spikevax and AstraZeneca is Vaxzevria.

Pfizer has said that Comirnaty is a combination of the terms COVID-19, mRNA, community and immunity to commemorate the first authorization of an mRNA vaccine and the global effort that took place to make it happen.

Health Canada also said that these are only changes to the brand names of the vaccines and there are no changes to the vaccines themselves.

As of now, there are no changes to the name of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

An incoming spike in Ontario gas prices is sure to put a damper on anyone's plans to take one last road trip this summer.

Dan McTeague, gas analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, warned drivers in a tweet on Thursday that prices will rise by two cents tomorrow, bringing the total to 140.9 cents per litre in the GTA.

The jump in cost will affect several areas including Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Kitchener, Windsor, Guelph and Sudbury.

So, if you live in Southern Ontario, you're definitely going to want to fill up your tank today.

The provincial price of gas rose to its highest in seven years at the beginning of the month when it reached 141.9 cents per litre on September 1, 2021.