Even More Canadians May Be Asked To Repay The CERB Before The End Of 2020

The application's wording left some people confused!

There’s less than a month to go until the end of 2020, which means CERB repayments could be on the horizon for thousands of people. 

Earlier this year, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Canadians applied for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, otherwise known as the CERB.

While many eligible applicants have been allowed to keep that cash (although it is taxable), others will actually have to pay it back.

In fact, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) estimates up to 213,000 claimants may have to return the money, primarily if they accidentally claimed the benefit twice.

However, a new report from CTV News has revealed that others may also have to repay, particularly those who may have misunderstood the eligibility criteria in the original application.

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What was the CERB eligibility criteria?

The CERB was created back in March to support those who were out of work or working reduced hours due to the pandemic.

To be eligible, an applicant must not have claimed other benefits (such as EI) during the same period.

Additionally, they must not have quit their job voluntarily, must reside in Canada and must be at least 15 years old, among other things.

The criteria also stated that a claimant must have earned a minimum of $5,000 pre-tax in the 12 months before applying, or in 2019 overall.

This included employment income, self-employment income and any provincial benefit payments related to maternity or parental leave.

It was this aspect of the application that caused confusion, according to CTV News.

What was the confusion?

Per the report, some Canadians who applied for the benefit are now being asked to repay, due to a miscommunication in the original CERB application.

The eligibility criteria stated that self-employed individuals were eligible for the support if they made over $5,000 in 2019 or in the 12 months before applying.

However, recent letters sent by the CRA have confirmed that “income” in this instance referred to net income, rather than gross income.

This means some Canadians who applied were eligible for the benefit per their gross income, but not their net income.

Those people will receive a letter from the CRA asking them to repay the benefit, as they do not actually qualify for the support.

While the CRA told CTV News that this interpretation is “consistent with how self-employment income is calculated” by their services, others argue that failing to include the word “net” has led to unnecessary confusion.

Who else may need to pay it back?

While a number of self-employed individuals may be required to pay back the CERB, they’re not the only ones.

The CRA expects that hundreds of thousands of Canadians will have to return some money, due to accidentally applying for the benefit twice.

Back in November, the government agency confirmed that up to 213,000 individuals may have claimed the CERB from both the CRA and Service Canada, resulting in double payments.

They acknowledged that most of these people probably applied twice by accident, but confirmed that anybody who received too much will have to repay the extra.

While the government isn’t enforcing repayments, they suggest returning the money before 2021 to avoid the sum appearing on the claimant’s tax slips next year.

If you thought bikes could only be used on land, think again! Toronto Water Bikes is bringing totally unique floating bicycles to the city for the first time ever.

The new experience lets you explore Lake Ontario atop a wheel-less bike that drifts through the water. To add to the excitement, the bikes are decked out in colourful LED lights that glow in the dark.

The nautical adventure will take you by the iconic Humber Bay Arch Bridge and offers stunning views of the city skyline.

Each vehicle is equipped with a bell and water bottle holder, and guests will be given a waterproof phone holder and fanny pack to keep their belongings dry.

The experience plans to run until Thanksgiving weekend, and you can book your time slot online. The company has some exciting plans in the works for the future as well, so stay tuned.

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Cue the Ghostbusters theme, because this spooky adventure will turn you into a real-life ghost hunter.

The Haunted Walk and paranormal investigators Phantoms Of Yore are hosting a haunted investigation at the historic Mill Of Kintail in Mississippi Mills this October.

The four-hour experience will take you through three buildings including a creepy cabin in the woods, where you'll learn about ghostly happenings and search for paranormal activity yourself.

Spooky occurrences like flashing lights, moving furniture, and doors locking on their own have been reported in the conservation area, so you never know what you might find.

Space is limited and tickets are available online, so prepare to be spooked at this paranormal investigation.

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There's now another reason to look forward to fall. World-renowned Indian restaurant Farzi Café is opening its first Canadian location at Square One's Food District this October, and you can indulge in elevated, modern cuisine.

The spice bistro is created by MasterChef India judge Zorawar Kalra, who is dubbed the "Prince of Indian Cuisine." There are 19 locations across the world, including a Michelin-recognized venue in London, England.

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The 4,000 square-foot Mississauga location boasts a gorgeous dining room and giant patio where you can enjoy the tapas menu.

While the official menu has not been revealed yet, you can expect to taste traditional Ayurvedic flavours with a Canadian flare and sip Zodiac-inspired cocktails. The dishes offer a sensory experience through "culinary illusions".

The restaurant is slated to open during the first week of October, so start planning that dinner date.

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A Guinness World Record has just been bestowed upon a very, very tall Canadian teen, and he truly stands head and shoulders above most of us.

15-year-old Olivier Rioux clocks in at a neck-ache inducing 7 feet, 5.33 inches tall, which has earned him a place in the 2022 edition of the Guinness World Records as the world's tallest living male teenager. That makes him taller than any of the Toronto Raptors players.

The towering teen wears a size 20 shoe, according to his Instagram page. His family is also vertically blessed, with his dad measuring at 6 feet, 8 inches tall and his mom at 6-foot-1.

In just fifth grade, Rioux stood at 5 feet, 2 inches tall, according to Guinness World Records, which is as tall as some Canadians will reach in their lifetime.

He started playing basketball at a young age and continues to use his height to his advantage on the court.


Dashcam Captures Toronto Woman's Disturbing Racist Encounter With An Angry Driver

A man can be seen yelling racial slurs and spitting at a woman.

A Toronto woman has posted dashcam footage of her racist encounter with an angry driver to YouTube, and she told Narcity she plans to press charges.

Student nurse Michelle Kyi said the incident occurred around 2:00 p.m. on September 15, when she was driving near a construction site in North York.

In the video, a man driving from the opposite direction can be seen honking at her, signaling her to move out of the way. Upon explaining that she couldn't reverse due to a large truck parked next to her blocking her way, the man proceeds to exit his vehicle, and he can be seen yelling at her and calling her names and racist slurs.

"I was telling him to move back so that we all move forward and then you can go," Kyi told Narcity over a phone call. "He was just very aggressive from the get-go, and he was asking me where I'm going."

"I was trying to be calm, but he was really getting to me because he started making fun of me and mocking me," she said.

The video shows the man get in back in his car, before pulling up beside her and yelling further. "He jumped the curb and started calling me slurs," Kyi said, "And then he spat from his car towards me and I got onto my face."

Kyi returned home and was talking to her boyfriend, who mentioned that he'd left their dashcam on, which meant they had evidence for a legal case. "I had a class right after so I haven't gone through the process of reporting to the police," Kyi told Narcity.

"Asian women are targeted every day. It's insane like how it has become," Kyi added. "It was kind of traumatizing because he's a big guy coming on so close to me, and then deciding to do something you wouldn't do to a dog, so to do that to a person...? I mean, words hurt, but to do that to a person in a pandemic?"

The 29-year-old said she wants to bring awareness to the situation. "I want to press charges. I don't want this to go unnoticed. I don't know how many people this guy has done this to because that didn't get caught on camera."

In her video description, Kyi has asked anyone who knows the man to get in touch with her.

The man spitting on her has left her worried about her health and she plans on getting tested for COVID-19.

This morning, the Encampment Support Network Toronto (ESNTO) held a press conference outside Mayor John Tory's condo in support of "the 50+ encampment residents & defenders ticketed/charged for standing up against the City's brutal evictions," they said on Twitter.

On September 14, ESNTO informed their followers on Twitter to come down to Mayor Tory's condo on the morning of September 16. According to a news release issued on September 16, Toronto Police arrested three people today, and eight more are wanted for the protests against the clearing of the homeless encampment at Lamport Stadium back in July.

Following the City of Toronto's trespassing notices on June 12, TPS moved to clear the encampments at Lamport Stadium Park on July 21, where violent clashes between police and protestors ensued. More than two dozen people were arrested that day.

"Crowds of protesters gathered at the closed park to interfere with the City's efforts and to confront police," police officials wrote in the September 16 release. "Repeated efforts were made to engage with people and inform them that a Trespass to Property notice had been previously served by the city and they were required to leave."

"These efforts were largely ignored and the crowds became confrontational and hostile. As a last resort, officers carried out enforcement," police continued.

Police allege that on July 21, a large crowd gathered in front of the 14th Division where they became hostile and threw objects (including soup cans) at officers.

ESNTO tweeted that their first speaker for today's press conference, Skyler Williams, was "grabbed by two plainclothes officers and shoved into an unmarked vehicle which sped away to an unknown location." In their release, TPS confirmed that Williams was arrested and will be charged with failure to comply with recognizance.

The details of Saskatchewan's vaccine passport are officially here after being teased just hours earlier by the province's premier.

During a press conference Thursday, September 16, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced that the province's vaccine passport is set to launch on October 1, following a rise in COVID-19 case counts and hospitalizations.

"The choice to not get vaccinated is not just affecting you, it is now seriously impacting those that have made a different choice," said Moe during the press conference.

According to the government, the provincial requirement for proof of vaccination will apply to venues that bring groups of people together in public spaces. These types of places will include indoor dining at restaurants, nightclubs, bars, concert venues, movie theatres, and ticked sporting events. Indoor fitness centres and gyms will also be included.

However, the province's vaccine passport will not be required for publicly accessible places such as grocery stores, places of worship, fast-food restaurants that offer takeout and delivery, and health care services. Hotels, weddings, and funerals also will not need to require proof of vaccination.

In terms of how the vaccine passport will work, Moe said during the conference that it will come in the form of a QR code, which is set to launch the week of September 20. According to Moe, details on how to download the QR code will be shared by the Ministry of Health prior to its launch.

During the press conference, Moe also announced that starting Friday an interim mandatory masking order will come into effect for all indoor public spaces. It is set to be lifted by late October.