These Are Allegedly Some Of The Best And Worst Apartment Rentals In Toronto

According to Torontonians on Reddit.

Given the current state of Toronto's housing market, many people in the city are opting to rent rather than own. With several apartment buildings available to rent units from, it's important for Torontonians to narrow down the options to the ones that offer the best quality in terms of living conditions and management policies.

A recent thread on Reddit was started to get the public's opinion on the best and worst rentals in the city. The conversation was inspired by an old post from 2014, where one user created a helpful spreadsheet to compare the rentals for quality. The hope was to create an updated list for 2017 to help current apartment hunters find good properties in the city.

Torontonians were quick to comment on which rental companies are worth considering and which ones should definitely be avoided:



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9T6 Condos

"Amazing building. Kept up very well. Routine maintenance done. Quiet building, hardly notice you live among a ton of other people. Great community that often talks within a Facebook group to plan building activities. Not the cheapest, but well worth it. Problems are fixed same or next day all the time. No issues with bugs." - ilovedillpickles

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Akelius Properties

"My family moved to 99 Tyndall which is owned by a company called Akelius. They are basically apartments turned into condos. Has wood flooring, new appliances even a washer dryer set. But rent is like 1800 a month plus utilities. But the place is nice but not many can afford it. Its the equivalent to a mortgage. But its definitely better than before." - ripndipp

Briarlane Rental Property Management

"55 Brownlow Ave managed by Briarlane is an older (1960s) building that they keep in decent shape ... And I will Briarlane-managed buildings, but I do suggest you also evaluate how you feel about the supers when you meet them as they can change your experience quite drastically."

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Greenrock Property Management

"I've had great experience with Greenrock Property Management, specifically their community of buildings in the Village. A little bit pricier, but it was nice having a competent, friendly management staff that was responsive to stuff. Never had an issue with creepy crawlies of any sort - Only issue was a bit of noise transmission given that it was an older building." - DreamstateSeven

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"I have an apartment with Greenwin that I've been in for a year and I've had no issues: the staff is nice, the place is well kept, and for the area, the rent isn't terrible." - chrisdurand

"I've been in a building managed by Greenwin for almost 9 years now. No complaints whatsoever." - nickelplate

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O'Shanter Development Company

"I live in an O'Shanter building. Water used to be shut off frequently but now that they're doing renos on all the apartments, they're able to shut off the water to 1 single unit as opposed to the entire building. Elevators are always working. Lobby is clean. Laundry room is clean. Recycling room is clean. Super is very friendly. Complaints and repair requests are always dealt with quickly.

The building is old but they do a great job updating it as much as possible. It's low frills with no amenities but it keeps my rent down so that is perfect for me." - schweatyball

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Park Property Management

"I remember this list. I can still vouch for Park Property Management, had a great experience with them for 7 years." - oooooooooof

"I can also vouch for Park Property. I live in an older building with thick concrete walls, so I have never had any pest issues and I have never heard of any in my building. Management is very responsive to any repairs, and always conducts regular maintenance on the building. Very good value for the rent I pay. Also they are pet friendly, no questions about pets were asked in the application process."

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Berkley Property Management

Avoid. It was poorly maintained (our shower didn't work for six months), most calls to the main office wouldn't ever be picked up (even just to front reception), and when we finally took them to the LTB they claimed they never got a work order from the city (...they did). We won big $$$ and got TF out of our lease). - Sunstreaked

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"Capreit buildings should be avoided if at all possible. Their buildings are generally in a deplorable state and then they try and extract every cent possible from you." - vander_beaker

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Creccal Investments Ltd.

"I had friends that lived there years ago due to great location as they were wanting to be in the neighbourhood while they waited for Giraffe Condos to be built, but moved out quickly due to problems with their unit such as drafty windows that never got fixed, mould that was not dealt with, mice in the laundry room, issues with insects." - urbnpinto


"I live in a Homestead building and it's a nightmare. Beware that these guys 'upgrade' their apartments enough to make them appear good but they usually have a whole host of problems that will make you move out.

They aim for high turnover so that they can keep raising the rent. The apartment I live at Yonge and Eglinton which has horrible elevators, poor heating and a roach/ant infestation. I was able to get elevators and heating fixed by calling the city a bunch of times. Dealing with management is a pain because they can't speak English." - mentalfloss3

Royal York

"Lived at Walmer Place (managed by Royal York) for less than a year. Ended up with bedbugs and management was minimally responsive, it was hell. Had to take them to the landlord and tenant board just to get my last month's rent back since I wasn't able to even live there at that point, and the whole place felt like a scam after the way they handled everything. The owner is seemed a little unhinged too... Would not recommend. When I signed my lease I was told there was a pool and gym in the building, but they were always "under renovation" for the six or so months I was there." - IndubitablyBlue

Wynn Group

"Don't ever rent Wynn, they are slumlords." - ripndipp

"Every Wynn or Wynn family building I saw was in deplorable condition and had free roaches included in the rent." - SolemnForm

"I made the mistake of renting from them when I first moved to the city. The landlord openly told my roommate that the previous tenant had been cooking drugs in the place which is why we had to scrub black stains off of the walls and the door had signs of being kicked in. Should also mention that there were no windows in the bedrooms and we lived in an illegal mixed commercial/residential building. Good times!" - frankiavocado

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Boutique Condos (not the best, not the worst)

"21 Nelson / 126 Simcoe: Building is ok. It's not horrible, but I would never suggest it. Broken elevators, the reserve fund has likely dried up causing them to try and "fine" residents for whatever they can. A lot of younger professionals that are loud and obnoxious. Thin walls, poor construction. Overall, not horrible, but I wouldn't highly suggest it. No issues with bugs." -ilovedillpickles

What other apartment buildings or rental management companies gave you a bad experience? Comment with your opinion here.


This Easy Hike Takes You To A Bright Blue Lake Only 1.5 Hours From Toronto

It has two sandy beaches where you can go swimming. 🏖️

Get ready for a splashing good time on this incredible Ontario hike only 1.5 hours from Toronto.

Guelph Lake Conservation Area is the perfect afternoon adventure for when you need to escape the city, as there are five kilometres of hiking trails to enjoy.

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The easy walking paths will take you into a serene forest and along the edge of a sparkling blue lake.

But the fun doesn't stop there. You can also find two sandy beaches where you can go for a swim and pretend you are on a tropical vacation, or you can rent a kayak at the boathouse.

With so much to see and do, you can easily spend the entire day enjoying the fresh air and stunning views.

Guelph Lake Conservation Area

Price: $6.64 per person

Address: 7743 Conservation Rd. RR4, Guelph, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you want to extend your visit, you can rent a campsite at Guelph Lake Conservation Area.


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Starbucks Canada Is Giving All Of Their Hourly Employees 3 Paid COVID-19 Sick Days

They're also raising baristas' hourly wage.

Starbucks Canada is now offering three paid COVID-19 sick days to all of its hourly employees across the country. Employees can take their allotted days retroactively from April 19 and will be able to book these days off until September 25.

Employees can apparently use these sick days intermittently, according to a press release sent to Narcity. So, employees scheduled for work one day can take it off if they're not feeling well and need to check in on their symptoms.

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This is a new addition to other COVID-19 supports Starbucks currently offers. Employees are also eligible for vaccination pay, vaccine side-effect pay and extended self-isolation pay. This means everyone is granted paid time off to get vaccinated, if they're feeling unwell within 48 hours after getting a dose and if they need to self-isolate after being exposed to COVID-19.

Starbucks also announced that they'll be raising pay for all hourly workers as part of their commitment to staying above the country's current minimum wage rate.

Beginning Monday, May 31, starting rates for baristas will increase to at least 25 cents over minimum wage, and all hourly employees – baristas, shift supervisors and café attendants – hired on or before March 1, 2021, will see a 5% minimum increase to their pay.

This article's cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

After months of live performances being put on hold, one event is getting ready to open for live audiences this summer.

Together Apart Summer Cirque is a brand new outdoor show planning to take place at the Markham Fairgrounds from July 1 to August 1, 2021 in support of the hospitality industry.

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Together Apart, Summer

Presented by The Concierge Club, the evening events will feature the renowned theatre company The 7 Fingers, and you can expect to see spectacular acrobatic performances in a physically distanced setting.

The show hopes to open for live audiences and will have safety protocols such as mandatory face coverings, screenings, and private platforms for audience members to sit at with up to five members of their household.

The show could also take place as a drive-in event if restrictions do not allow for the planned opening.

Early bird tickets are already on sale, and guests must book a minimum of four spots for each platform.

Together Apart

Price: $65 + regular admission per person

When: Thursdays - Sundays, July 1 - August 1, 2021

Address: 10801 McCowan Rd., Markham, ON

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy an outdoor performance in a unique, distanced setting this summer.


A group of people were charged for riding in a car together last week after they were found breaking Ontario's stay-at-home order.

According to the OPP, the four individuals were halted during a traffic stop on Highway 112 in Otto Township on May 8, where officers discovered that they didn't live together.

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Each person was charged with Failing To Comply With A Continued Section 7.0.2 order, which could cost each of them $750.

"The investigation revealed that they were from different households and travelling for non-essential purposes," an excerpt from the report reads.

Timmins Police reported a similar incident back in April after a group of five was fined for carpooling together.

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Here's What A Down Payment For A House Will Cost You In Canada's Big Cities

Brace yourself, there are some big numbers in here.

If you're looking to dive into Canada's real estate market, it can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. From the prices of homes across the country to how much money is required for a down payment, there's a wide range that's worth taking note of.

A new report from the National Bank of Canada breaks down the median home prices in some of Canada's big cities as well as how much a down payment costs in each.

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National Bank of Canada

The median home price in Vancouver sits at $1,122,846. Compared to Winnipeg's median of $347,183, it doesn't sound so easy on the wallet. Cities like Toronto, Victoria, and Hamilton also fall in the most expensive category whereas Edmonton, Quebec, and Calgary are on the more affordable end.

When it comes to the cost of down payments, here's what you'd need to save up in each of the cities listed, according to the report:

  • Toronto: $200,052
  • Montreal: $21,381
  • Vancouver: $224,569
  • Calgary: $21,451
  • Edmonton: $19,722
  • Ottawa/Gatineau: $27,529
  • Quebec: $15,401
  • Winnipeg: $347,183
  • Hamilton: $47,057
  • Victoria: $65,363
While the cost of a home varies from city to city, the down payment required is a whole different number to be aware of.
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Saskatchewan May Allow Indoor Public Gatherings Of Up To 30 People By The End Of The Month

The province is almost at step one of its reopening plan.

On Sunday, May 9, Premier Scott Moe announced that the requirements for step one of Saskatchewan's reopening plan have been reached.

According to the Saskatchewan government, 70% of all Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and members of older generations have now received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and everyone 18 and older is now eligible to book a vaccination appointment.

Editor's Choice: 4 Canadian Universities Were Just Ranked Among The World's Best For 2021-2022

There are three different steps to Saskatchewan's Re-Opening Road Map, all of which are meant to gradually bring the province back to a full re-opening and ease public health restrictions.

Step one will see the reopening of indoor dining at restaurants and bars, the allowance of indoor group fitness classes (with distanced measures in place), and an increase in indoor and outdoor gatherings. Private indoor and outdoor gatherings will now allow up to ten people, while public indoor gatherings will have a maximum of 30 attendees.

The tentative target date to implement step one is currently Sunday, May 30, three weeks after the provincial requirements of the first vaccination threshold were met.

Not all Ontario regions are being hit the same way when it comes to COVID-19.

In fact, some spots are reporting around 10,000 fewer active cases than others.

Editor's Choice: 4 Canadian Universities Were Just Ranked Among The World's Best For 2021-2022

Currently, Toronto is considered the province's hardest-hit region, with 10,643 active cases.

Yet, multiple regions across the province are reporting numbers that are drastically lower. Timiskaming is currently only reporting 15 active cases, while Algoma follows close behind with 17.

Chatham-Kent and North Bay Parry Sound District both have 31 and Thunder Bay District has 40. Currently, 14 regions are reporting fewer than 100 active cases.

Il est interdit de partir en vacances dans le Sud, certes, mais tes papilles, elles, ont toujours le droit de voyager. Alors, tu auras de quoi te sentir comme à Lima avec la bouffe urbaine offerte par un nouveau restaurant péruvien, le Barranco, qui a ouvert le vendredi 7 mai à Montréal.

La sélection de l'éditeur : Élisabeth Rioux dévoile son appartement actuel au Costa Rica et la vue est incroyable

Au menu, tu peux découvrir toutes les formes possibles du traditionnel ceviche d'Amérique latine, mais si t'es plus tenté par la cuisine urbaine, tu peux goûter aux Salchipapas, des salades de pommes de terre jaunes du Pérou avec des saucisses Huachana ou encore commander un burger.

Sur place, tu pourras écouter de la musique latine et les 1863 pieds carrés du restaurant permettront d'accueillir jusqu'à 56 places assises quand les mesures gouvernementales le permettront.

La décoration intérieure vaut le coup d'œil puisqu'une immense murale colorée a été réalisée par deux artistes montré (lna.mart et bernard.lhermitee sur Instagram) et le mur de briques a été complètement rénové par l'artiste Teetz.

Ce projet a permis de faire renaître de ses cendres le restaurant Pio Pio Mtl qui avait ouvert au printemps 2020 juste avant la pandémie.

Le restaurant Barranco

Prix : Tous les plats sont a moins de 18 $

Adresse : 4552, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, Québec

Pourquoi tu dois y aller : Ce tout nouveau restaurant est idéal pour découvrir les classiques de la gastronomie péruvienne et son ambiance urbaine te donnera l'impression d'être dans les rues de Lima, la capitale du Pérou.