Toronto Is Full Of Fake Houses That Look Normal On The Outside But Are Hiding Something

There are approximately 90 of these secret structures around the city.

Today, we're letting you in on a secret: not all Toronto homes are exactly as they seem.

In fact, some contain high voltage equipment that could pose a safety risk — although, only the ones that house transformers for Toronto Hydro.

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Toronto Hydro operates approximately 90 municipal transformer stations that were originally constructed to resemble the houses and buildings in their respective neighbourhoods. Toronto Hydro

That's right — Toronto Hydro started building houses in the 1940s to blend into their surrounding neighbourhoods, except these homes weren't available to house families. Instead, they housed transformers.

"Constructed to look like thousands of other small bungalows in Toronto, these substations were so authentic that they were sometimes broken into by burglars," says the City of Toronto.

Although Toronto Hydro does not release the addresses of these homes, the Globe and Mail reported the locations of a few disguised homes around the GTA.

A few of the locations of these ghost homes include 555 Spadina Rd. in Forest Hill, 640 Millwood Rd. in Leaside and 54 Reid Manor in Etobicoke.

There are two important things to note with these properties:

First, an explosion is quite rare and only happens when too much electricity floods through a transformer, according to Popular Mechanics.*

Second, you should never enter these urban oddities under any circumstances, says Toronto Hydro.*

"Municipal transformer stations contain high voltage electrical equipment," Mallory Cunnington of Toronto Hydro told Narcity.

"Like with all electrical equipment, we encourage everyone to be aware of their surroundings and maintain a safe distance."

You can thank us for your newest tidbit of Toronto trivia later.

*This article has been updated.

It's back, baby! Hudson's Bay has confirmed that Zellers has made an unofficial comeback in Canada via a pop-up shop in Burlington Mall, Ontario.

While the revamped version of the retro retail store is selling things like Canada-themed apparel, classic toys and more, some nostalgic features are unlikely to be returning any time soon.

For example, Retail Insider reports that mascot Zeddy will not be found at the pop-up store. For now, it looks like the iconic restaurants won't be reappearing either.

Although the new location might just fill the Zellers-shaped hole in your heart, here's a look at what else is unlikely to be found at Ontario's brand new pop up:

The restaurant

If the Zellers pop-up in Toronto doesn't have one of these, they're doing it

For now, it's unlikely that the classic Zellers restaurant is going to make a comeback alongside the pop-up shop.

The retro resto is nowhere to be found at the Burlington Mall location and — although a Hudson's Bay spokesperson has revealed that more pop-up locations could be coming — there has been no mention of reviving the fan-favourite restaurant.

The Zeddy Wheel

Everyone is talking about the return of Zellers, but are they bringing back the most fun mall ride of all time ? #Zellers #ferriswheel

Arguably one of the most nostalgic and iconic features of Zellers, the Zeddy Wheel is a firm favourite among fans of the retailer.

It seemed a lot bigger and more exciting when you were five, eh?

Sadly, there has been no sighting of this ride at the new pop-up and it's probably not a very convenient addition to the store, either.

The old merch

What is the point of a Zellers Pop-Up with no actual Zellers merch?! I can get a Cuisinart Blender on Amazon!

Upon hearing the news that Zellers was making a mini comeback, some fans took to Twitter to talk about the best merch from the store's glory days.

"What is the point of a Zellers Pop-Up with no actual Zellers merch?! I can get a Cuisinart Blender on Amazon!" one person wrote.

Another added, "Zellers hasn't come back until they're once more selling Commodore 64s, BUM Equipment sweatshirts, and transparent touchtone phones. 1985-1992 Zellers or nothing!"

The diner

Bring back #Zellers Family Diner and you’ll have my heart forever!

As the Zellers pop-up store is located inside Hudson's Bay, it seems improbable that a model of the original diner will be available for dine-in any time soon.

This will be disappointing news for some Zellers-lovers, though.

"Look, if they're not bring back the Zellers diner, I want no part of this nonsense," wrote one Twitter user.

The food

Zellers hot chicken sandwich is Canada's signature dish, and I will not be taking further questions at this

Without the diner or the restaurant, sadly it seems like the food is unlikely to be returning at pop-up locations in the near future.

This one might be for the best though, right?

Discussing the intangible taste of the Zellers hot chicken sandwich, one Twitter user said, "You can get something similar at Swiss Chalet, but just doesn't taste the same as the Zellers diner. I don't know if it's the ingredients or the haze wafting over from the restaurant's smoking section…"

Club Z

I'm ready.

Diehard shoppers will remember (and possibly still have!) their Club Z plastic card.

The Zellers Club Z points program, which rewarded regular shoppers for spending, is unsurprisingly no longer active. The classic cards aren't available any more, either.

The mascot

did no one else have a mascot in their zellers or is quebec just

There's more bad news for anybody who has a special place in their heart for Zeddy Teddy.

The mascot, who was a symbol of the store for years, was adopted by Camp Trillium after Zellers' final facebook campaign "EVERYTHING MUST GO!"

This was the end of nearly thirty years with his Zellers family and Zeddy hasn't made any sort of reappearance just yet.

The intercom

I was the weekend “Thank you for shopping at #Zellers and have a pleasant day/night” voice over the intercom…. Throw in a few nights after school/university and it was better than kid sitting!

Sadly for nostalgia-lovers, the original intercom that welcomed shoppers to each store is not likely to be making a return for now, either.

As the pop-up is located inside a Hudson's Bay store, this could make things pretty confusing!

The classic Zellers ambiance

They can try to bring back #Zellers but it won’t be the same unless the carpet floor is stained and has random toys and clothes thrown across the isles.

Ah, that je ne sais quoi!

"They can try to bring back #Zellers but it won't be the same unless the carpet floor is stained and has random toys and clothes thrown across the isles," wrote one fan online.

As awesome as Burlington Mall's new pop-up store is, it's almost definitely lacking that nostalgic, classic, old-school, inexplicable Zellers vibe.

We can still reminisce though, eh?

Yikes, Justin! Justin Trudeau has been Canada's prime minister for almost six years, but his time at Rideau Cottage hasn't been without its fair share of hilariously awkward moments.

From using the term "speaking moistly" and instantly regretting it, to accidentally roasting a reporter and even almost kissing Melania Trump, Canada's PM has left us cringing a little on more than one occasion.

In case you missed them — here are some of the most ridiculous things that have happened to Justin Trudeau during his stint as the prime minister of Canada so far. Prepare for some second-hand embarrassment!

The fake jog

Bonjour @JustinTrudeau

Over the years, Justin Trudeau has experienced his fair share of bizarre and awkward moments at G7 leaders' summits.

In 2019, he was accused of going for a fake jog in Biarritz, France, while attending a G7 conference.

A clip showing him running past a reporter ended up going viral, with a number of social media users suggesting the sprint was nothing more than a photo-op.

The "kiss"

Trump is holding Melania‘s hand while she almost kisses Trudeau. Looks like Melania found the G7 successful.

During the same 2019 G7 summit, an awkward-looking interaction between Justin Trudeau and Melania Trump hit the headlines.

The former first lady was photographed leaning in towards the Canadian PM and pouting as she greeted him, appearing to almost kiss him on the mouth.

In the picture, she can also be seen holding hands with her husband, then-President Donald Trump. Eek!

The comment

Oh man. Trudeau says, on wearing masks, that his understanding is it can be helpful as it prevents you from "breathing or speaking moistly" on others. "Ugh what a terrible image." MOISTLY. Our prime Minister just said "moistly," folks. More:

Trudeau's "speaking moistly" moment in April 2020 could arguably be one of his most iconic moments as prime minister.

The awkward word choice went on to inspire beers,lip balms and even a music video that was one of 2020's top trending videos across the country.

Despite the cringe-factor, the PM says he doesn't regret saying it at all!

The hiccups

Here it is. A minute and a half of Trudeau's hiccups this morning. This guy has a way with

During one hilarious COVID-19 press conference back in June 2021, Trudeau developed the hiccups for over ten minutes.

He was even forced to apologize and say "excuse me" after his uncontrollable hiccuping interrupted his statement. Oops!

The slip up

im fucking

Just days before Canada's federal election in 2021, a video of Trudeau attempting to say the acronym LGBTQ2+ went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Responding to a question about the recent rise in hate in Canada, the PM slips on the acronym repeatedly and struggles to recover, before eventually doing an exasperated sigh. He gets it right eventually, but it's pretty painful to watch!

The pause

"We all watch in horror & consternation what's going on in the United States," PM Trudeau says after long pause when asked re U.S. president's controversial photo-op at D.C. church. Citing discrimination against Black & racialized Cdns, PM says Cdns must recognize own

Back in June 2020, a reporter asked Trudeau for his opinion on then-President Donald Trump calling for military action against protesters in the United States.

It took Trudeau a full 21 seconds to respond.

Unsurprisingly, the long pause ended up going viral and was even spoofed onThe Late Late Show with James Corden.

The photo

In 2021, a photo of Justin Trudeau alongside his G7 counterparts was shared all over the internet, thanks to the gloomy background, awkward smiles and weird socially-distanced poses.

The image became a meme almost instantly and Twitter-users didn't hold back on the world leaders.

The hair flip

Justin Trudeau Handsome Hair Flip Viral

In April 2020, Trudeau gave the world an almost NSFW hairflip that got everybody talking.

Unable to get a haircut due to COVID-19 related closures, the PM was rocking long and wavy locks that just kept falling into his face.

Running his hands through his hair, he sweeps the stray strands away without breaking eye contact with the camera. The clip, once again, went viral.

The insult

We’ve been working with our global partners over the past few days here at the @G7. We worked to address some of the most pressing challenges - ones that our countries and people around the world are facing - including COVID-19 and climate

Justin Trudeau's final news conference at the 2021 G7 summit ended with embarrassed laughter after he accidentally roasted a BBC News journalist.

Responding to a question about the lasting impacts of the leaders' conference, he said, "The impacts of this G7 will be felt long after the newspapers you write for will have been used to wrap fish."

After realizing his comment could be interpreted as an insult, he immediately backtracked and said that he "respects" the press and "the work you all do in a very important way."

This stunning spot near Toronto transforms into a fall paradise each year, and it's a wonderful place to take in the colours.

Fleetwood Creek Natural Area is located about an hour and a half from Toronto in Kawartha Lakes. With rolling hills, wetlands, mature forests and trickling streams, you can completely immerse yourself in nature here.

The 2.2-kilometre Valley Trail will take you on a scenic loop through the area, and just a short way along the path, you'll come across the observation deck.

The platform gazes out over the colourful landscape and gives you a spectacular view of the autumn colours.

The rest of the trail leads through hills and towering trees. You can also explore two other trails in the area for a longer adventure.

Fleetwood Creek Natural Area

Price: Free

Address: 902 Ballyduff Rd., Pontypool, ON

Why You Need To Go: Gaze over a valley of fall colours at this scenic spot near Toronto.


La cohorte de l'édition Chez Nous d'Occupation Doubleest l'une de celles ayant le plus de succès côté couple, alors que plusieurs candidats et candidates sont toujours en amour un an plus tard. Mais ce n'est pas tout, car Andréanne et Carl ont révélé qu'ils vont bientôt être parents.

En effet, ils sont le premier duo créé à l'émission de téléréalité à faire une telle annonce! C'est le 26 septembre sur le compte Instagram d'Andréanne que la bonne nouvelle a été partagée au public.

Dans le message qui accompagne une photo du couple avec l'échographie, la future maman a révélé sa joie d'être enceinte :

« Mon plus grand rêve se réalise enfin, celui d'avoir la chance de fonder ma famille avec l'homme de ma vie. Nous sommes sur un nuage de savoir que notre petit bout d'humain viendra au monde en avril 2022. »

Alors que les tourtereaux célébraient leurs dix mois d'amour le 21 juillet, c'est au printemps prochain qu'un bébé viendra s'ajouter à leur petite famille.

Canada has extended its flight ban with Morocco for at least another month, government officials have confirmed.

On September 24, Transport Canada announced that "all direct commercial and private passenger flights" from the country would continue to be restricted until 23:59 ET on October 28, 2021.

Per the government notice, the extension aims to "help manage the elevated risk of imported #COVID19 cases and variants of concern into Canada …"

Anybody travelling between Morocco and Canada via an indirect route must continue to obtain a pre-departure negative COVID-19 test from a third country.

Those who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 must provide proof of a positive test conducted between 14 and 180 days before departing, instead. This proof must also be obtained in a third country.

"You might need to seek entry and stay in a third country for at least 14 days," Canadian federal officials warn.

This is the first time the Morocco flight ban has been extended after it was originally announced back in August 2021.

The restrictions came into effect after the Public Health Agency of Canada recorded an increase in positive test results from passengers arriving in Canada from Morocco.

While this flight ban will remain in place for another month at least, the Government of Canada has announced plans to lift restrictions on passenger flights from India, starting at 11:59 p.m. ET on September 26.

*This article's cover image is for illustrative purposes only.

Les fusillades à Montréal sont de plus en plus nombreuses en 2021, et ces habitants d'un triplex à LaSalle ont du avoir la peur de leurs vies, ce 24 septembre au soir, lorsqu'un coup de feu survenu à l'étage du dessus a troué le plafond de leur logement.

« À 23 h 45, on a un appel qui a été logé pour un coup de feu qui avait été entendu sur la rue Dollard, à LaSalle. Quand on est arrivé sur les lieux les policiers ont effectivement constaté qu'il y avait un trou, un impact de projectile, ainsi qu'une douille qui a été localisée sur la scène », a confirmé à Narcity, Jean-Pierre Brabant, porte-parole du Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal.

Deux personnes se trouvaient dans le logement concerné par le coup de feu, un homme et une femme et il n'y a pas eu de blessé.es.

L'analyse de la scène et l'impact de balles indiqueraient que le coup de feu a été tiré du deuxième étage vers l'étage inférieur.

« Suite à ça, on a fait des vérifications, on a été voir les locataires de l'étage du haut, qui eux ont donné leurs versions. Ils ont été arrêtés sur les lieux et aux dernières nouvelles ils ont été relâchés avec une promesse de comparaître. L'enquête est toujours en cours de notre côté pour déterminer les circonstances qui ont mené au coup de feu », a poursuivi le porte-parole.

Les deux suspects arrêtées n'étaient pas connues par le Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal.

L'iconique Pharrell Williams, qui a chanté entre autres avec Daftpunk et Robin Thicke a été aperçu dans le Vieux-Montréal ce vendredi 24 septembre, alors qu'il visitait le magasin SSENSE. Il est d'ailleurs apparu dans la story Instagram de Shina Nova en train de faire un FaceTime avec la mère de l'influenceuse.

Et si tu te demandes pourquoi l'artiste a été se balader dans la métropole, sache que c'est parce que la marque de Pharrell Williams, Humanrace s'est associée à la boutique SSENSE pour une nouvelle collection : Habitat Humanrace.

Au cinquième étage de la boutique SSENSE, une exposition retrace la gamme complète des produits de la marque du chanteur et producteur. D'ailleurs, pour l'occasion les fenêtres de la boutique ont été teintées de vert, car « le vert représente la croissance », selon ce qu'a déclaré l'artiste au magazine de mode Vogue.

En effet, cet événement a pour but de montrer l'évolution de la marque, tu pourras donc découvrir des vêtements exclusifs, mais aussi des produits de soin de la peau de la marque Humanrace et des pièces de la propre garde-robe de Pharrell Williams, qui elles, ne sont pas à vendre.

La collection sera disponible en vente en ligne ce 27 septembre sur le site Internet de SSENSE, tu peux également te rendre en magasin de la rue Saint-Sulpice jusqu'au 30 septembre, pour y jeter un coup d'œil.

Collection Habitat Humanrace

Adresse : 418, rue Saint-Sulpice, Montréal, QC

Site Web

Si tu ne sais pas quoi faire ce week-end à Montréal, sache qu'une énorme vente de fin de saison est organisée au Dragon Flowers, l'iconique fleuriste du Mile-end. C'est donc le moment idéal pour faire le plein de plantes vertes pas chères et redécorer ton chez-toi en mode jungle, afin d'affronter l'hiver dans un décor tropical.

C'est sur Instagram que le Dragon Flowers a annoncé ce 25 septembre que toutes les plantes d'intérieur seront mises en vente avec 50 % de rabais tout le week-end et ce, « jusqu'à épuisement des stocks ».

Afin d'obtenir le rabais, tu devras montrer la publication une fois arrivée à la caisse.

Notons que le lieu vaut le détour puisque sa décoration est à couper le souffle, avec ces cages à oiseaux suspendus.

En plus, tu peux t'y rendre en soirée, puisque le magasin est ouvert de 8 h à 23 h.

Vente de plantes de fin de saison au Dragon Flowers Shop

Quand : Ce week-end du 25 et 26 septembre de 8 h à 23 h

Adresse: 159, rue Bernard O, Montréal, QC