Someone's Sharing Tim Hortons Secret Menu Drinks On TikTok & They Look Wild (VIDEOS)

Who wants a Galaxy Drink?

By now, everyone is probably familiar with the fact that Starbucks has drinks that aren't advertised. Now it seems that there might also be a Tim Hortons secret menu. That's at least according to an unofficial TikTok account.

The uploader, who goes by the username TimsTok, has uploaded 23 videos, each of them showcasing the recipe for a beverage or food item that doesn't appear on the official Tim Hortons menu.

The channel has already amassed over 65,000 followers and racked up over 817,000 likes. Its description reads, "If there's a Canadian, there has to be a Tims."

Some of the secret recipes featured on TimsTok include the blue drink (made with Sprite and blue raspberry syrup), the apple pie drink (made with steamed apple juice and caramel syrup) and even a chicken quesadilla (cheese, barbecue sauce, chicken, and bacon on a grilled tortilla).

Some of the recipes are more ambitious, including the galaxy drink, which has accumulated 199,000 likes. The bright purple and white beverage appears to contain at least seven different ingredients combined to make something that looks very sweet.

Other items are simpler but no less impressive. These include a chocolate milk latte and a triple berry iced tea (made up of brewed triple berry tea with some vanilla syrup shots, ice, cold water and a scoop of berries).


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There's even one that's just a mocha Iced Capp with a chocolate Timbit in it. Or, for something less soggy, you can simply ask for maple flakes in your Iced Capp for some extra Canadian flavour.


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♬ A.M. - Lonr.

The page does not appear to be officially associated with the Tim Hortons company.

There's also no guarantee that every employee would know how to make these items if you asked them for one. You can always try showing them the video to see if they can recreate it for you, but we can't promise they'll be up for the challenge.


Ask them to add #maple flakes in your #icedcapp ! Thank us later 🍁🇹🇩 #timhortons#canada#secretmenu#hack#viral#foryou#fyp#xyzbca

♬ Hard Times by Paramore - janapaige

Still, the TikToks are imaginative, and some of the drinks would probably be fairly easy to make if you know exactly how to order it. 

Narcity has reached out to the creator of TimsTok for more details about their creative concoctions. We will update the story once we hear back.

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Peu importe le genre d'un.e député.e, d'un.e chef.fe de parti ou d'un.e maire.sse, la joute politique n'est pas évidente pour tous et toutes. C'est particuliÚrement le cas pour les femmes et elles en sont conscientes de la pression sur elles, selon ces trois politiciennes québécoises qui rayonnent sur le scÚnes fédérale, provinciale et municipale.

Narcity s'est entretenu avec la députée libérale fédérale Mélanie Joly, la cheffe de l'opposition officielle à l'Assemblée nationale Dominique Anglade et la mairesse de Montréal Valérie Plante.

Place aux doubles standards

Ça, elles en vivent tous les jours depuis le dĂ©but de leur carriĂšre, « mais on n'est plus dans le "ben voyons donc, retourne dans ta cuisine" » lance d'emblĂ©e la mairesse sortante de la mĂ©tropole, prĂ©cisant que ce sont plutĂŽt des petits messages, des perceptions.

« On va se dire que les femmes en gĂ©nĂ©ral et mĂȘme en politique, il y a des qualitĂ©s qu'elles doivent avoir, comme une certaine douceur, une bienveillance, ĂȘtre comprĂ©hensive, dĂ©vouĂ©e », donne Mme Plante en exemple.

Bien que ce ne soit pas systématique, des caractéristiques particuliÚres vont viser la gent féminine.

« Quand une femme politique se fùche, on peut plus facilement dire qu'elle est agressive, qu'elle perd le contrÎle, qu'elle est frustrée. »

La cheffe du Parti libéral du Québec (PLQ), Dominique Anglade, abonde en ce sens, affirmant qu'il y a encore aujourd'hui à l'Assemblée nationale des terminologies qui sont utilisées pour parler d'une femme « qui relÚve d'une autre époque ».

« Quand le premier ministre va dire que [je suis] chialeuse, ben il n'y en a pas de politiciens gars Ă  qui on dit ça, dit-elle. Ça fait partie de notre quotidien, mais plus il y a de femmes en politique, plus il y a de gens qui se lancent en politique, plus ça change. »

Concilier travail-famille, un enjeu

Mélanie Joly ne s'en cache pas, elle et son conjoint sont en processus de fécondation in vitro pour fonder une petite famille. Bien qu'elle ne soit pas encore mÚre, la députée libérale d'Ahuntsic-Cartierville souligne que ce n'est pas facile de persuader des femmes d'entrer dans l'arÚne politique.

« Je ne peux pas convaincre mes collĂšgues femmes de se prĂ©senter en politique et qui ont des enfants, si moi-mĂȘme je n'en ai pas et que je ne suis pas capable de vivre cette rĂ©alitĂ© de concilier travail-famille », concĂšde-t-elle.

Elle souhaite toutefois qu'il y ait une meilleure conciliation travail-famille en politique, « le plus grand frein » pour que les femmes se lancent en politique, selon elle.

Pour sa part, Dominique Anglade mentionne que lorsqu'une femme veut avoir des enfants, c'est Ă  ce moment qu'elles se posent des questions, comme « telle ou telle promotion, je ne l'ai peut-ĂȘtre pas eu parce que j'Ă©tais enceinte », cite en exemple celle qui est devenue la premiĂšre femme Ă  la tĂȘte du PLQ et premiĂšre femme noire Ă  la tĂȘte d'un parti politique.

« Il faut changer cette philosophie, parce que c'est une chance inouĂŻe de pouvoir porter un enfant. Tourne-le Ă  ton avantage », lance celle qui avoue toujours avoir voulu ĂȘtre maman, mais qui a dĂ©jĂ  eu des remises en question.

Mme Anglade se rappelle d'ailleurs un Ă©change qu'elle a eu avec son pĂšre Ă  l'Ă©poque.

« Je me demande si je vais ĂȘtre capable de revenir comme j'Ă©tais, aprĂšs avoir eu mes enfants, raconte-t-elle. Et lui me rĂ©pondre "Ben pourquoi pas?". Je lui dis "Mais toi papa, tu ne le sais pas, t'es un gars. Tu ne comprends pas!" »

Être sa plus grande alliĂ©e

La mairesse de MontrĂ©al ne s'en cache pas, lorsqu'elle est devenue cheffe de Projet MontrĂ©al, elle a dĂ©cidĂ© que c'est elle qui allait ĂȘtre sa « plus grande alliĂ©e » et commencer Ă  changer les structures et changer les choses pour faire en sorte que le milieu municipal soit plus accueillant pour les femmes et les minoritĂ©s.

« Comme preuve, cette année, on va avoir 65 % de candidate aux élections municipales, se félicite-t-elle. On sort positivement de la zone paritaire, ce qui n'est jamais le cas. »

À titre d'exemple, sur 27 ministres au sein du conseil exĂ©cutif du gouvernement de François Legault, 10 sont des femmes, soit 37 % d'entre elleux.

Souvent, c'est la peur de faire le premier saut qui est le plus dur pour investir les femmes en politique, selon Mme Anglade, qui affirme croire au progrÚs et à l'arrivée davantage de femmes en politique fédérale, provinciale et municipale.

« C'est comme ĂȘtre devant une falaise et tu regardes en bas en te disant "j'devrais sauter", mais tu n'as pas envie, parce que l'eau Ă  l'air froide, ce n'est pas le fun », dit-elle

La population plus dure envers elles ?

« C'est sur que je la sens la pression, avoue MĂ©lanie Joly. Je la sens depuis le dĂ©but de ma carriĂšre. En mĂȘme temps, les femmes sont synonymes de changement et c'est bon. »

En revanche, bien qu'elle croit que les gens ont tendance à faire plus confiance à une femme, elle martÚle que la critique est « plus acerbe » lorsqu'iels ne sont pas et « la misogynie peut des fois ressortir ».

Dominique Anglade, elle, ne croit pas que les gens vont faire plus confiance Ă  une femme en politique, mais elle est convaincue qu'elles ont moins de place Ă  l'erreur.

« Les femmes, on dĂ©range plus facilement que les hommes », affirme pour sa part ValĂ©rie Plante. Sur quoi ? Ça, c'est arbitraire, mais on dĂ©range plus et les gens se sentent plus libres de nous insulter violemment. »

Elle avoue qu'elle se fait traiter de « trou de cul », mais ça ne lui fait pas un pli.

« Mais me faire dire "j'espÚre que tu vas te faire violer, salope", c'est mon intégrité physique qu'on attaque », s'insurge-t-elle, doutant que ces propos soient tenus à l'égard de son adversaire masculin, Denis Coderre.

« Si regarder les réseaux sociaux est un de vos critÚres pour vous lancer en politique, ce n'est pas un bon critÚre », lance Mme Anglade en riant.

Toutes les trois s'attendaient à cette pression et tout ce qui en découle. Malgré tout, la cheffe de l'opposition officielle rappelle qu'elle fait de la politique « parce que ça me tient dans les tripes » et parce que ça l'anime.

« C'est la réalité de vie de femme, qui est complexe, mais qui est belle, dit pour sa part Mélanie Joly. Je ne changerais pas ma réalité pour tout l'or du monde. »

Newfoundland and Labrador is the latest province to bring back mandatory masks as new cases of COVID-19 continue to emerge in the province.

Starting on Saturday, September 18, you'll need to wear your mask in places such as restaurants, public transit, retail businesses, places of worship and funeral homes, among other areas, according to a press conference from the provincial government.

September 17, 2021 COVID-19

"This is a small action that we can all take to give us that extra layer of protection to keep our schools, communities, and province safer and open until we can get our vaccination rates higher," said Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, the province's chief medical officer.

The mandate also applies to elementary and high school kids; those in grades four to 12 will have to wear a mask at all times, as well as staff.

Newfoundland and Labrador isn't the only province that's brought masks back — on Thursday, September 16, Saskatchewan announced mandatory masks will be necessary for all indoor public spaces.

Earlier this month, Alberta also reinstated their mask mandate as of Saturday, September 4.

Un peu avant l'Halloween, il sera enfin possible de suivre les péripéties meurtriÚres de Joe, l'antihéros de l'heure, dans la série You et c'est le 17 septembre que la bande-annonce officielle de la troisiÚme saison a été dévoilée par Netflix.

Alors que les fans attendent cette suite depuis plus d'un an et demi, c'est à la fin août qu'ils et elles ont enfin appris quand la troisiÚme partie allait sortir, c'est à dire, en octobre 2021.

La saison deux s'était terminée avec Love et Joe qui déménageaient en banlieue et attendaient patiemment l'arrivée de leur premier enfant. Cela dit, les derniÚres scÚnes laissaient sous-entendre que Joe commençait une nouvelle obsession à propos de sa voisine.

Dans la bande-annonce de cette nouvelle saison, on peut voir le couple qui s'habitue Ă  la nouvelle vie de parents. Toutefois, il y a des problĂšmes au paradis puisque Joe recommence effectivement Ă  Ă©pier une nouvelle victime, ce qui cause de la friction entre lui et Love. De plus, chacun de leur cĂŽte, le duo poursuit ses pulsions assassines.

C'est donc le 15 octobre que les amateurs.trices de You pourront savoir qui est le ou la plus dangereux.euses entre Joe et Love.

A child under the age of ten with COVID-19 has died, according to Waterloo's medical officer of health, Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang.

"Today I am very sad to report the death of a young child under the age of ten due to COVID-19," said Wang in a COVID-19 community update this Friday.

Wang clarified that "The child had underlying health conditions. There were no school-related or child-care-related exposures in this case."

"This is a rare but tragic circumstance and a devastating reminder of the serious nature of this virus. This is a heartbreaking loss and I wish to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and loved ones."

Children under the age of 12 are currently not eligible for any COVID-19 vaccine.

The Raptors' team looks very different this year but the newest drafts to the team seem to already be fitting in just fine. Scottie Barnes just shared his love for Toronto and the team in an unofficial love letter.

"I'm still waiting for it all to feel real, man. It's crazy," Barnes started off in his article published to The Player's Tribune. "It's like the first semester of school when everything's going by so fast."

"And I wanted to say right off the bat, the way this fanbase has already embraced me... I'm really starting to feel like a Raptor for real," Barnes continued.

Since Barnes joined the Raptors, he has fit in right with the team and with the culture of the 6ix, from hitting up iconic local eateries to proving he knows how to exactly talk like he's from Toronto.

Barnes shared how he still kind of has that "draft night feeling" where he still has butterflies in his stomach, and how he had wanted to play in the NBA since the third or fourth grade. Now that he's finally in the league, he shared how he's excited to experience this with "some of the best fans in the world."

"It's like a dream come true, for real. There's nobody like Toronto Raptors fans," Barnes said. "I promise you. Not even 24 hours after I got drafted, I had like 80-100k followers JUST from Raptors fans. Y'all work fast!"

Barnes then shared what it was like touring the 6ix and all of its iconic landmarks, including Drake's house. "I can't lie, his basketball court is just as nice as you're picturing," he wrote.

He spoke about how instantly he began bonding with other members of the Raptors like Spicy P, OG Anunoby, and Masai Ujiri. And while he's shown he's fully in love with everything Toronto and the Raptors have to offer, he ended off his post with a note to the fans themselves.

"So, to the fans, I want y'all to hear it straight from me: I couldn't be happier to be here in Toronto," Barnes wrote. "And one more thing... I'mma need y'all to help me bring that energy to Scotiabank, because you already know I'mma be turnt up!!"


Ce village d'horreur prÚs de Montréal te donnera la frousse de ta vie cet automne

Laisse faire les maisons hantĂ©es, on a un VILLAGE hantĂ©! đŸ‘»đŸ˜±

Tout au long du mois d'octobre, le Village Québécois d'Antan situé à moins d'une heure et demie de Montréal se transforme en un village hanté et tu risques de faire le saut à chaque coin de rue.

Pour une treiziÚme édition, ce site touristique historique recréant l'ambiance du Québec entre les années 1810 et 1930 se transforme en une destination beaucoup plus lugubre durant quelques week-ends.

Le village hanté sera ouvert aux courageux et courageuses les vendredis et les samedis du 1er au 30 octobre ainsi que les dimanches du 10 et du 31 octobre.

Au programme : des personnages et des créatures qui déambuleront dans les rues pour donner des frissons à tous les gens qui se mettront sur leur chemin, de la musique ambiante digne de films d'horreur, un éclairage tamisé et des décors qui te feront sursauter. Il ne faut surtout pas que tu aies peur du noir.

L'événement s'adresse aux personnes de treize ans ou plus et débute dÚs 18 h 30. Le prix par visiteur et visiteuse est de 30 $ les vendredis ou 32 $ les samedis. Tu peux d'ailleurs déjà te procurer ton billet, si tu oses tenter l'expérience.

Le Village hanté du Village Québécois d'Antan

Coût : 30 $ par adulte les vendredis ou 32 $ les samedis

Quand : Les vendredis et samedis du 1er au 30 octobre ainsi que les dimanches 10 et 31 octobre

Adresse : 1425, rue Montplaisir, Drummondville, QC

Site Web

L'année scolaire 2021-2022 est commencée depuis quelques semaines maintenant, mais pour, c'est déjà l'heure de penser à l'an prochain. Les services secrets canadiens, ou plutÎt le Service canadien de renseignement de sécurité (SCRS), embauche présentement plusieurs é pour des stages payés à la session d'automne 2022.

De nombreux postes sont offerts dans différents domaines comme en administration des affaires, en politique et relations étrangÚres, en science et technologie et comme analyste.

La plupart des emplois recrutent à travers le Canada, dont à Montréal, et il s'agit de stages de quatre à seize mois. Le salaire varie selon le niveau scolaire.

Par exemple, si tu es un.e étudiant.e au cégep ou au collÚge et c'est ton premier stage, le taux horaire est de 15,40 $. Cependant, pour les é de 2e ou 3e cycle qui en sont à leur quatriÚme stage, le salaire est de 27,73 $/h.

« Les applications sont demandĂ©es tĂŽt afin d'allouer suffisamment de temps aux Ă©tudiants pour obtenir le plus haut niveau de cote de sĂ©curitĂ© au Canada », prĂ©cise le SCRS.

Les doivent effectivement passer Ă  travers un processus d'Ă©valuation afin d'obtenir une cote de sĂ©curitĂ© « trĂšs secret approfondi ». Ces Ă©tapes incluent une entrevue de sĂ©curitĂ©, un test polygraphique et des vĂ©rifications financiĂšres, entre autres.

Le SCRS rappelle d'ailleurs aux que leur dĂ©marche d'emploi et leur candidature doivent rester confidentielles. « Il est important de ne pas discuter de votre demande d'emploi (y compris dans les mĂ©dias sociaux), sauf Ă  votre conjoint ou aux membres de votre famille proche. »

Emplois Ă©tudiants SCRS

Salaire : Jusqu'Ă  27,73 $ selon le niveau scolaire

Compagnie : Service canadien du renseignement de sécurité (SCRS)

Applique ici

Editorial Sections

Vaccine Passports Are Confirmed In 10 Provinces & Territories But Some Are Much More Strict

Fines can run you as high as $6,000 in one province!

More and more provinces are adopting vaccine passports, whether they're called that explicitly or not.

Ten provinces have confirmed that they will use proof of vaccination systems, but the specifics of each program can differ by quite a bit — in some places, for instance, the systems aren't even mandatory.

Whether it's in the organizations affected, the exemptions available or the fines for not following the rules, each province is choosing a different approach when it comes to implementing a vaccine passport.


Alberta is one of the latest provinces to bring proof of vaccination to its residents, however, the system is a bit different than in other provinces. Alberta's vaccine certificates aren't mandatory, but they allow businesses and customers to be exempt from the province's strict new public health measures.

The exemption program is open for restaurants, retail shops, nightclubs and wedding venues, as well as any adult sport, fitness, performance, and recreation spot.

The program begins on September 20. Those who cannot supply proof of vaccination can either provide documentation of a medical exemption or proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test.

British Columbia

B.C. has had vaccine passports in place since September 13, and anyone in the province can now access the government's website to get their own proof of vaccination.

You'll need it for lots of places in the province, such as indoor concerts, sporting events, recreational facilities, indoor and outdoor dining, nightclubs, casinos and movie theatres.

The province's fines are pretty steep; if you show up to a non-compliant event, you could be on the hook for a $575 violation ticket. Businesses that host such events, however, could be fined $2,300.

The biggest difference between B.C.'s vaccine passport and those of other provinces is that B.C. says there are absolutely no exemptions allowed — whether medical or religious — except for children under the age of 12.*


Manitoba's proof of vaccination system was the second implemented in Canada on September 3.

In a press release issued on August 27, the province announced that if Manitobans want to eat indoors at a restaurant or on a patio, attend indoor or outdoor ticketed events (like sports games or concerts), go to movie theatres or casinos or participate in organized indoor recreational activities, they'll need proof of vaccination.

Manitoba says that those who are 11 years old and under will not be required to show proof of vaccination to attend the aforementioned activities, but they'll need to attend with a fully immunized adult.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Health Minister John Haggie told reporters on September 15 that the province's upcoming vaccine passport will not be mandatory, according to CTV.

Haggie reportedly said that the system would use the same technology as Quebec's vaccine passport system but would in fact be completely voluntary – unless recommendations from public health are that a certain area requires mandatory proof of vaccination.

New Brunswick

On September 15, New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs announced that the province would be implementing vaccine passports as of 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, September 21.

Proof of vaccination will be required for indoor festivals, performing arts and sporting events; indoor dining, restaurants and pubs; theatres and casinos; indoor pools and gyms, and indoor group fitness activities. Medical exemptions are allowed but New Brunswickers will have to provide proof of said exemption in order to bypass proof of vaccination.

New Brunswick is also requiring proof of vaccination to skip a self-isolation period when entering the province.

"Enforcement officers will be monitoring compliance," Higgs said.

According to Global News, people coming to New Brunswick with false proof of vaccination records or without any proof at all could face fines from $172.50 to $772.50.

Nova Scotia

Despite not using the term "vaccine passport," Nova Scotia's proof of vaccination system looks similar to those in other provinces.

Proof of vaccination will be required for residents going to restaurants, movie theatres and gyms as of October 4, 2021.

"Requiring proof of vaccination to participate in activities that are discretionary, recreational or non-essential means we can bring large groups of people together safely," Dr. Robert Strang, the province's chief medical officer of health, said in an announcement on September 8. "This gives us the best chance of staying open once we're open. We do not want to shut the province down again."

Strang also called the policy a "time-limited measure."

The policy is only in effect for those 12 years old and older, and the province said a process is being developed to grant exemptions to people who can't get vaccinated because of a "valid medical or behavioural reason."


Ontarians are close to the province's vaccine passport system coming into effect. As of September 22, it'll be required for cinemas, indoor restaurants, indoor sporting events, indoor waterparks, indoor sports and recreational facilities and strip clubs, bathhouses and sex clubs.

Individuals can be fined $750 for not complying with the rules, and that also applies to people who are caught providing fake documents. Businesses and organizations that don't follow the rules can be fined $1,000.

You don't need to show proof of vaccination in Ontario if you're attending a wedding or funeral between September 22 and October 12 (you can get tested instead) or if you have a medical exemption, are under 12, or if you are under 18 and entering an indoor facility to play sports.


The first province to adopt vaccine passports, Quebec's system has been in place since September 1.

The list of businesses that must follow the system is extensive and includes outdoor events, fairs, craft shows, theatres, cinemas, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and casinos.

Fines are quite high in Quebec for not following the rules. Refusing to use the vaccine certificate system can land you with a fine of anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000, and manipulating or fabricating a vaccine passport can lead to criminal charges, according to the province's health minister.

Those who cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19 can get a doctor to issue a QR code that can be used in lieu of proof of vaccination. According to the province, that special QR code can be issued to someone who has a confirmed allergy to all COVID-19 vaccines available in Quebec or who is affected by myocarditis or pericarditis following vaccination.


On Thursday, September 16, Premier Scott Moe announced Saskatchewan would be implementing a vaccine passport system in October.

The system will be in place in venues with congregating people, like restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms and ticketed sporting events. It won't be required for hotels, weddings, funerals or publicly accessible places like grocery stores, places of worship or health care services.

The Saskatchewan government said it would be issuing the certificate as a QR code, to be launched in the week of September 20, and children under the age of 12 will be exempt from the program.


Yukon's vaccine passports are much more different than the rest of Canada's. According to Premier Sandy Silver, Yukon will be providing "secure" proof of vaccination for residents, but not implementing any vaccine mandates within the province itself.

"There is not currently any need for any vaccine mandates at this point," Silver said, referring to Yukon's high vaccine uptake.

Private businesses, however, can use the credentials so that they don't have to "rely on the honour system," the premier said.

"It's up to the individual to decide if they wish to share their proof of COVID-19 vaccination credentials," he added.

*This article has been updated.