Toronto Is Officially Getting A Brand New $1.2 Billion Hospital

Premier Doug Ford announced the brand new hospital will be scheduled to open to Toronto patients in 2023.

While most Canadians know that waiting at the hospital is never any fun, we still care about the options available for those who are sick or injured. Citizens in Toronto should be excited to learn that the city is about to get a brand new hospital. 

West Park Healthcare Centreis currently located in York, in the northern area of the city. While the healthcare centre is already operating, they broke ground today on a brand new hospital that will be coming to Toronto in 2023. 

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@westparkhealthcarecentreembedded via

The new hospital will be built overlooking the Humber Valley River and will stand at six-stories high. Inside the facility, 80% of rooms available will be assigned in single-patient rooms with a personal three-piece ensuite to aim at improving infection control. 

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The facility will also have a strong focus on outpatient care space during construction and will actually be creating double the space they have at their current facility. 

Part of the new West Park Healthcare Centre will be the inclusion of programming focused on nature to help patients heal. Part of the billion dollar project is including many outdoor therapeutic spaces and terraces on each floor of the facility. 

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This addition is to help both patients and their families to connect to nature, which has been proven to help improve emotional and psychological well being. 

It was an honour to attend the West Park Healthcare Centre groundbreaking ceremony with @MonteMcNaughton this morning. We are committed to investing in healthcare and infrastructure. I know firsthand how important the care offered at West Park is to patients and their families.

October 11, 2018

Premiere Doug Ford spoke proudly about the new project and hospital on Thursday. He stated "for more than a century they've made a huge difference for countless patients and their families. Our government is proud to support West Park and its healthcare staff."

Christine Elliott, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care told media that she looks forward to the hospital as a new addition in the Humber Valley. "The new West Park Healthcare Centre is an important project that will support patients and families in Toronto by providing access to therapeutic spaces for generations to come. This unique hospital will offer specialized rehabilitative and complex care while focusing on bringing peace of mind to patients rehabilitating from a life-altering illness or injury."

Because West Park Healthcare specializes in rehabilitation and complex care, they are typically health care providers to those who have experienced life-altering illnesses or injuries.

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This new restorative project will help ensure that patients who need help can receive it, while also staying in a facility that feels like home. 

On Tuesday, June 22, Dr. Deena Hinshaw gave an Alberta COVID-19 update. During the announcement, she outlined the new mandates for wearing masks in Alberta that will be in place once Stage 3 of reopening kicks off on July 1.

"While the general indoor provincial mask mandate will be lifted, masking will still be required in limited and specific settings." These settings include continuing care and acute care settings.

Update on COVID-19 – June 22 at 3:30

Furthermore, Albertans will still be required to wear masks when travelling by "public transit, taxis, and ride spring given the closed, indoor environments of these spaces and to protect those who have not been vaccinated yet," said Hinshaw.

She added that the province will "continue to monitor these settings and will lift masking requirements when it is safe to do so."

During her update, she noted that there had only been 57 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Alberta over the past 24-hours.

Great Place To Work just announced the 2021 list of Best Workplaces in Ontario, and a ton of the companies are hiring right now.

So if you need money for patio drinks and summer shenanigans –or maybe a career — get your resume ready.

While the list includes dozens of amazing workplaces, here are a few that are currently hiring in the province.

FedEX Express Canada

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Klick Health

Location: Toronto, ON

Who Should Apply: With over 80 open job opportunities from junior to senior roles across a wide range of sectors, who shouldn't apply is really the question. If you're looking for an opportunity in life sciences, you'll find one!

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Compass Group Canada

Location: In cities across Ontario

Who Should Apply: They currently have 144 opportunities across Ontario, and for most, you don't need a degree, just previous experience and/or a FoodSafe Level 1 Certification.

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AIR MILES Reward Program (LoyaltyOne)

Location: Toronto

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Altima Dental

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New Study Suggests Men Think Canada Is Way Less Racist Than Women Do

Older men are the least likely to say that Canada is a racist country, according to the survey.

A new study from the Angus Reid Institute has revealed how people perceive racism in Canada and it appears that men and women don't see eye to eye on the matter.

When asked "is Canada racist?" the highest percentage of survey respondents who agreed were women between the ages of 18 to 34. In fact, 54% of women in this age category said that Canada is a racist country.

Angus Reid

On the other side of the token, the main demographic that disagree with the statement were men aged 55 and above. In this category, 79% of respondents said Canada is not a racist country. As for women, 70% of respondents in the same category shared the same view.

The main age group of Canadian men who agreed that the country is racist were between 18 and 34, 33% of whom agreed with the statement.

As for the different regions in Canada, people in Saskatchewan were the most likely to agree that Canada is racist, whereas people in Quebec were the most likely to disagree.

@outdoorsy | Instagram

After a year and a half of being stuck indoors, we're all itching to get out and start exploring our own backyards again.

Companies like Outdoorsy make it super easy to rent an RV for a week and be in tune with nature. You can explore a whole lot more without having to drive back and forth from a hotel every night.

There's so much to do in Vancouver over Canada Day long weekend like hiking through gorgeous Cypress Provincial Park, biking around Seawall, even renting a BBQ boat on Granville Island. The adventures are endless.

What better way to get around than in a vintage Volkswagen? Outdoorsy is chock-full of them – plus other campers, RVs and trailers – all for as little as $65 a night. And you don't have to feel guilty about leaving your dog at home all week because most rentals are pet-friendly.

It's been a long time since we've been able to travel, so let's get outside and explore nature! Here are some awesome rentals you can find in and around Vancouver this long weekend.

The Greenfields

Price: $161/night

Details: Can you tell this used to be an old shuttle bus? The owner of this camper recently installed a fully equipped kitchen, washroom with compost toilet and standing shower plus a huge side awning so you can cool off and relax in the shade after spending all day at Kitsilano Beach.


A Star(craft) is Born

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2018 Adventurer Lp Adventurer

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2020 Droplet Teardrop Trailer

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1969 Westfalia Original Named "Darlin"

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Netflix's Feel Good may have made you believe you were seeing Toronto, Canada on your TV screen, but according to co-writer, co-creator and star Mae Martin, it was actually filmed in England.

A little behind-the-scenes magic with CGI and creative thinking helped transform the streets and woods of England into Martin's hometown of Toronto.

Martin told Narcity that they had originally planned on filming in Canada, but plans changed.

"We were supposed to film in Toronto, I wish we could have, but we filmed in England and tried to make it look like Canada," Martin said.

Creating cottage country through CGI

Feel Goodis a semi-autobiographical comedy that follows comedian Mae Martin, named after their IRL counterpart, as they fall in love and come to terms with their past trauma and addictions.

The final season features two episodes fictitiously based in Toronto, from a rehab centre to bar scenes, city walks and even a quick trip to cottage country.

Martin, who was born in Toronto, says that while they tried their best to make scenes in the show look like they were shot in Canada, locals will know the difference.

"I think for Canadians, it will be very obvious that it's not Canada. But in England, people are like, 'wow, Canada is great,'" they said.

In the season finale, Mae and their romantic interest George, played by Charlotte Ritchie, head up to a picturesque cottage set in Northern Ontario, but filmed in the English countryside.

Martin told Narcity that the show found a cottage to shoot the scenes at and "just tried desperately with CGI to make it look like it could be Northern Ontario."

Toronto easter eggs

Although they couldn't film in Canada, Martin still found ways to slip Toronto easter eggs into the show.

They named the show's fictional comedy club after their favourite Toronto bar, the Beaver, a local gay bar on Queen West that recently closed after 14 years of business.

"We called the comedy club in Toronto the Beaver because the Beaver was my favourite bar in Toronto," Martin said. "It sadly closed this year because of COVID."

If Feel Good had filmed in Toronto, Martin told Narcity they'd have a whole list of bucket list of spots to film at in the city.

"I'd want to be at Ontario Place, Medieval Times, the ferry going to Toronto Island — I think that would be romantic, looking back at the skyline," they said. "Kensington Market, I think George will be pretty blown away by the vibe.

"I mean, maybe we could have gone to some of my actual old apartments and filmed. That would have been wicked."

Who doesn't want to live in a castle-like Ontario mansion that overlooks a majestic waterfront? The only thing that might be stopping you is the fact that it costs $19 million.

Instead of packing your bags and moving in, you can take a peek into the lifestyles of the province's rich and powerful with a deep dive into this ridiculously luxurious home.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

The eight-bedroom estate, located at 2831 Ridge Rd. W. in Shanty Bay, Ontario, offers a whopping 19,000 square feet of living space on nearly 10 acres of private land.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

Its custom gourmet kitchen looks like something Gordon Ramsay would happily cook in.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

It even comes with a wine cellar that can store every wine from your local LCBO.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

Its exterior includes an infinity pool, tennis court, oh, and two extra homes and a stable.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

Both the coach house and the boathouse have two additional bedrooms for any guests that you may have over.

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX,

Ontario Waterfront Mansion

Steven Liambas | RE/MAX

Price: $19,900,000

Address: 2831 Ridge Rd. W., Shanty Bay, ON

Description: You can live in the big house, and invite your friends to sleep over in the other two homes. 

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Tim Hortons et Starbucks: On a comparé les refreshers

L'été est officiellement entamé et pour l'occasion, plusieurs chaînes de restaurations offrent une panoplie de boissons rafraîchissantes. On a donc comparé les refreshers fruités de chez Tim Hortons et Starbucks.

Dans le coin gauche de la photo de cet article, vous avez les deux RafraîchiTim de Tim Hortons, l'un à la saveur fraise-melon et l'autre à la pêche. Dans le coin droit, il a fallu faire des choix, puisque Starbucks offre plusieurs refreshers. On s'est donc arrêté sur celui à la fraise et l'açaï et celui à l'hibiscus fruité.

Les RafraîchiTim de Tim Hortons

D'emblée, les deux boissons ont une couleur attrayante, une couleur qui crie « Hey, goûte-moi ! ».

Parlons du goût. Lors du lancement des RafraîchiTim, le géant canadien a mis l'accent sur le fait qu'il s'agit de breuvages préparés « avec du jus de fruits faits de concentré » sans colorants ni arômes artificiels.

Or, la personne qui est habituée de se caler des Jugo Juices, où les fruits sont majoritaires, restera sur son appétit. En le buvant, j'avais plutôt une impression de boire l'un de ces jus que tu fais avec le nectar d'un fruit dilué dans l'eau, avec un peu de glace pour que ce soit rafraichissant.

C'est essentiellement ce que sont ces deux boissons ; du jus « fait de concentré » dilué dans l'eau. Dans le cas du melon-fraise, le goût rappelle les bonbons au melon d'eau que tu achetais au dépanneur, lorsqu'à l'époque qu'ils étaient cinq cennes chacun.

Quant à celui à la pêche, on est plutôt au niveau de la friandise populaire à la pêche en forme d'anneau... mais dilué, donc c'est fade.

Toutefois, la fraîcheur est au rendez-vous. En pleine journée de canicule extrême, si tu as une envie de boire une boisson légèrement sucrée, we have a winner.

Elles viennent comme telles. Impossible, selon la caissière qui m'a servi, d'ajouter de la limonade ou autres.

Les refreshers du Starbucks

À première vue, les boissons ont déjà un petit quelque chose de plus : des fruits déshydratés. Bien qu'ils ne goûtent pratiquement rien, la présentation a un plus. Un plus qui peut devenir un moins, lorsque le fruit bloque le bec pour boire ou la paille. Les savent.

En ce qui a trait au goût, tant celui à l'hibiscus fruité qu'à la fraise et l'açaï (et tous les autres sur le menu, soit dit en passant), il est beaucoup plus présent.

On y goûte la fraise. On y goûte la mûre et l'hibiscus.

Par contre, les boissons de Starbucks de la famille des refreshers sont extrêmement sucrées, même si elles sont diluées avec un peu d'eau. D'ailleurs, il est possible de changer l'eau par de la limonade et le lait de coco est aussi une option.

Avis aux personnes cardiaques : notez que les refreshers contiennent de la caféine, contrairement au RafraîchiTims.

Le verdict

Il faut le dire, Starbucks n'est pas pour tous les portefeuilles. Le plus petit format du Starbucks, le tall, est à 4,85 $ plus les taxes, alors que le plus petit RafraîchiTims commence à 2,49 $, taxes en sus.

Oui, les boissons testées du Tim Hortons sont bonnes, mais sans plus. Elles valent la peine d'être essayées. Reste à voir si tu voudras les réessayer. Tous les goûts sont dans la nature.

Mais ça ne battra jamais le fameux cappuccino glacé.

Quant à celles de Starbucks, si tu souhaites débourser pour du sucre et de la caféine sans tomber dans les boissons gazeuses énergisantes bon marché du dépanneur, c'est pour toi.

Mais ça ne battra jamais le caramel macchiato.

Dans mon cas, si j'avais à choisir entre l'une de ces quatre boissons-là lors d'une journée chaude et ensoleillée, j'opterais pour un bon vieux verre d'eau.

Les opinions exprimées dans cet article sont celles de l'auteur et ne reflètent pas nécessairement la position de Narcity Media sur le sujet.

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Canadians Who Lie About Their Vaccines To Skip Travel Measures Will Be Fined Up To $750K

Travel restrictions will be eased for fully vaccinated Canadian travellers. 👇

The federal government plans to crack down on anybody who lies about their COVID-19 vaccination status in order to skip travel restrictions in Canada.

In a notice shared on June 21, officials confirmed that a person who "submits false information on vaccination status" could be liable to a fine of up to $750,000 under the Quarantine Act.

Under Canada's Criminal Code, those who lie about whether they've been fully vaccinated could also face up to six months in jail for forgery.

These penalties also apply to anybody in Canada who violates quarantine or isolation measures, too.

This comes as restrictions are set to be eased from July 5 for eligible fully vaccinated Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The updates will enable qualifying travellers to skip the two-week quarantine upon arrival in Canada, in addition to the hotel stay and day-eight COVID-19 test.

Travellers will be required to share their proof of vaccination status via the ArriveCAN app.