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Amy Schumer Tells Oprah About Her Grey-Area Rape

Amy Schumer is one of the most recognizable figures in pop culture these days. Not just for her stand-up comedy routines, but also for her statements around issues such as body shaming. 

Recently the comedian sat down with Oprah and there revealed that one of her former boyfriends committed what she calls “grey-area rape” against her. 

“For me, I lost my virginity while I was asleep and that’s not okay,” she told the host."  

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She says that she felt very conflicted about the whole incident because it was someone she knew and trusted, “this isn’t someone I want to see rotting in a jail cell, but what he did to me was wrong,’” she said. 

She says that at the time she was concerned about how her boyfriend would feel once he realized that she knew what he was doing.  

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“He was my boyfriend. I loved him. I had to comfort him.” 

However, Schumer says that she was also really mad at him and that the event has had a profound effect on her life. 

‘I felt really angry at him, and it’s a rage that has stayed with me. I don’t think you lose that.”  

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Despite the incident, Schumer says that she stayed with the boyfriend and even had consensual sex with him. 

Schumer says that this event has opened her eyes to the way men and women are treated differently when it comes to issues of sexual assault and rape. 

“As women, we’re really trained not to get angry because that makes people dismiss you right away.” 

You can watch the full video of Schumer and Oprah below.