It's no surprise that there's no shortage of amazing hikes in the Grand Canyon State. But one, in particular, stands out and you've probably never heard of it. This Arizona hike will lead you to clear blue water and incredible red rock cliffs. 

You'll definitely have to put in a lot of work to make it to this hidden gem. The Hopi Salt Trail in Cameron, Arizona is a very difficult hike with a substantial elevation change of 2,750 feet. Since the hike is about 12 miles roundtrip, we recommend starting early in the morning.

The trail is available to hike year-round and there's a $12 per person permit fee. You and your friends can purchase one at the Cameron Visitor Center, along with detailed directions to the trailhead.

We recommend going there during the fall, winter, and spring when the weather is much cooler. The temperatures can still be very harsh, so be sure to pack plenty of water and proper hiking gear. 

You'll find the trail to the river to be very rocky and difficult. As you're going down the mountain it's best to look out for potentially loose rocks. 

The trek will make you work up a sweat, but the incredible views below will make for the sweetest reward. Due to the difficulty of the hike, it's recommended to leave your pets at home. 

During the rainy season, the water can become muddy but during other times of the year, it's a clear blue color. Once you reach the river, you'll be rewarded with views of red rock canyons, lush greeny, and some of the clearest blue water around.

There's nothing more satisfying than relaxing in the water after a long hike. You can even pack a swimsuit or a picnic to enjoy afterward. Since there aren't restrooms or trashcans nearby, you should leave no trace and take back any trash with you, so that others can enjoy the beauty too. 

This hike is now closed and unavailable for hiking. Please contact the Cameron Visitor Center for more information. 

Hopi Salt Trail to the Little Colorado River

Difficulty: Difficult

Length: Approx. 12-miles roundtrip

Address: Cameron Visitor Center | SW. Corner Highway 89 And 64, Cameron, AZ

Why you should go: This difficult but rewarding hike will lead you to incredible red rock cliffs and clear blue water. 


*This article has been updated.

*The Salt Trail has extreme cultural significance to Native American tribes. This historic trail was part of a journey to the Hopi Salt Mines, which was an important site for coming of age ceremonies. 

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