An Edmonton Hacker Held Four Companies Ransom For 1.5 Million Dollars And The Story Is Unbelievable

Have you seen Mr. Robot? The TV show where Rami Malek's character Elliot Alderson is this crazy genius internet hacker and he infiltrates mega-corporations like Evil-Corp and holds them for ransom? Well, it seems like an Edmonton man has taken a page out of Elliot's book and done the same... right here in Canada! 

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A 37-year-old Edmonton man is facing 18 charges of fraud and extortion after four businesses had their computer networks hacked and their data was stolen. The major hack resulted in losses of over $1.5 million dollars.

Police reveal that one business reported to police back in July 2017 that its IT system was hacked. Police believe the suspect infiltrated the company's IT network, took control of its email, smartphone servers and obtained their financial data. After taking control of their networks, the suspect demanded payment in Bitcoin. The man threatened to damage the company's network if they didn't give into his demands.

This insane story seems like it's straight out of a tv show! Unbelievable. 

Source: CBC News