An Edmonton Woman Was 'Humiliated' By Air Canada For Unfair Reason

"I started crying because everyone was looking at me."
An Edmonton Woman Was 'Humiliated' By Air Canada For Unfair Reason

A woman from Edmonton named Jeanne Lehman is suffering from mental trauma after she was "humiliated" by Air Canada staff and kicked off her flight from Halifax to Toronto. Lehman was suffering from a bad rash, as a result, was booted off the plane because the flight staff had incorrectly assumed it was contagious.

The rash appeared two days before Lehman was scheduled to fly out of Halifax. She thought it could've been an allergic reaction and immediately saw a doctor. She was told that it was safe to travel because the rash was not contagious.

By the time she was boarding her flight, her rash and swelling had gotten worse and she felt self-conscious. She asked the flight attendant for a window seat to have some extra privacy. The flight attendant responded by putting on a face mask and gloves, and making a huge scene.

Lehman says that the pilot made an announcement for everyone to be evacuated before the flight so that the plane could be disinfected. Lehman said, "I started crying because everyone was looking at me. I was so embarrassed."

Finally, Lehman was allowed to board another flight only after presenting a doctor's note from the Halifax hospital. She was immediately put on a first class flight and was given vouchers for hotel accommodations and meals. But, Lehman says that flashbacks of the humiliating incident keep her up at night.

As a Black French Canadian, Lehman says that she was disappointed that Air Canada didn't explain things to her in French, and says that more of an effort could've been made to accommodate her. She believes she would've been treated her better if she were white. Air Canada has yet to respond or apologize.

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