Lance Bass Revealed NSYNC Could Reunite & Our Inner 90s Kids Are Screaming (VIDEO)

The reunion of our dreams. 😍
An Epic NSYNC Reunion Could Happen Soon & It's All Thanks To Lance Bass

It's never too late for a '90s nostalgia trip. If you're in the mood to take a trip down memory lane, here's something that will probably make your entire week — okay, life. Lance Bass revealed a possible NSYNC reunion and our inner '90s kids are screaming.

This. Is. Everything.

Yesterday, Bass went live with Andy Cohen to talk about the group's epic bromance. 

On the show, he admitted he's been talking to Justin Timberlake and they're both open for a reunion! *Cries of pure joy*

Our favorite childhood crushes have been catching up with Zoom "happy hour" dates lately and that's where it all began.

"During quarantine, your relationships get tighter, so now we have happy hours every week together and on Zoom, which is really fun,” said Bass.

He even admitted that despite JT's busy schedule, he still takes time for his guys and has even joined in on Bass' show, The Daily Podcast with Lance Bass.

That's when he asked the question we were all (not so) secretly wondering.

Will there be "a full-fledged NSYNC reunion?"

Lance laughed and spilled the tea.

"I heard a lot of things coming out of Justin's mouth for the first time about NSYNC. He actually would be interested in talking about a reunion," said Bass.

Cohen praised Bass for bringing the group together, admitting that a reunion has been on the hearts and minds of fans for some time now.

"Bringing people together, that's what I do," Bass chuckled.

We're stoked to hear that one of our fave boy bands are back together IRL.

Now, just one big question remains unanswered. Does this mean we're getting a virtual NSYNC concert soon? Talk about a digital get down!