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An Ex-Mountie Was Just Sentenced For Sexually Assaulting Young Boys For Decades And The Story Is Horrifying

A former RCMP officer named Alan Davidson has just been sentenced to six years in prison for sexually assaulting teenage boys during his time on duty. The assaults had been ongoing for over 35 years, and there were at least eight victims. Some were as young as 13 years old.

Before he was a Mountie, Davidson coached a hockey team in B.C. where he often lured kids on the team into situations where he could assault them. The parents trusted Davidson and saw him as a good influence on their kids. One of the boys' grandmothers even trusted Davidson to take him on a weekend trip alone. 

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He later got hired as an RCMP officer in Saskatchewan, where he continued to seek out and lure teenage boys. In one incident with a 17-year-old victim, Davidson made the boy drink whiskey and watch pornography. 

Here's the most disturbing part of it all. Davidson felt little guilt for what he'd done because he claimed the victims said, "they were curious as well." The judge said, "He blames society when he says he was comfortable with the age difference." What a creep.

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When giving Davidson's sentence, the judge said that Davidson's actions were "predatory in nature." After a psychological evaluation, it was clear that Davidson wasn't capable of taking any responsibility for the abuse. He repeatedly downplayed and justified his offences.

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Davidson was working as a deputy sheriff in Calgary when he was arrested. After so many years of severe manipulation and cruel abuse, his six-year sentence seems pretty insignificant. But, he'll also be required to provide his DNA to the national security database and will be deemed a registered sex offender for the next 20 years. 

Source: Huffington Post Canada

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