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An Innocent B.C. Man Was Fatally Shot In His Driveway After His Identity Was Mistaken For Someone Else

A 47-year-old man was shot in his driveway in Surrey, B.C. in what police claim was a "mistaken identity" case.
An Innocent B.C. Man Was Fatally Shot In His Driveway After His Identity Was Mistaken For Someone Else

Police in Surrey, British Columbia have released details on a tragic "mistaken identity" case, in which an innocent man was fatally shot in front of his home. On June 23rd, 47-year-old Paul Bennett was the "unintended victim of a targeted shooting." His family is traumatized by his loss, and struggle to make sense of what happened.

Bennett worked as a nurse and had no criminal history. He's never been involved in any criminal activity,  and dedicated all of his time to his family, his work, and coaching his sons' hockey team. His wife Darlene says he "wore his heart on his sleeve."


"He loved being a nurse, especially working in the operating room. He found his element in the midst of chaos. There's always an opportunity to save a life or improve it," says Darlene.

"We never thought he would die in such a senseless and violent way," Darlene said in a tearful statement to the media, "there was a complete disregard for public safety as he was murdered in a quiet, residential area. We're grieving and traumatized by his loss and are praying to understand why this has happened to our family."

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team says that Bennett was shot at around 4:00 PM that day. Residents in Bennett's quiet, peaceful neighbourhood are still shocked by the incident. 

Via @HomicideTeam, Twitter

Police have released surveillance footage that shows a four-door Honda Civic driving near Bennett's home around the time of the incident. Less than three weeks before Bennett's death, two Surrey teenagers also lost their lives in what police believe was a targeted shooting.

"At this time we would like to request anyone who has any information about Paul's death to please contact the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team. We would be eternally grateful if you are able to provide the police with any information." Darlene emphasizes that every piece of information is important.

"Paul spent his life helping others," Darlene concludes, "now please help Paul and our family to find the closure we need to move forward."

Source: The Province