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This Sweet Ontario Cabin On A Stunning Private Island Only Costs $260,000

Hold our drink, we've got a call to make.
An Ontario Cottage For Sale On A Breathtaking Private Island Is Actually In Your Budget

The thought of owning a summer cottage, let alone one that sits on its own private island, feels like some sort of wild dream, doesn’t it? Well, it’s time to wake up and smell the real estate roses, because this Ontario cottage for sale is making that dream a reality. That’s right, for less than $300,000 you could have your very own private island getaway. Seriously, somebody pinch us!

For that price, will it be a dark, shared, one-room basement "apartment" near Toronto or a glowing oasis of beauty situated on a glittering lake? The choice is yours.

This 1,357 sq. ft. cabin is situated on a gorgeous 2.2-acre island located in the Lake Huron North Channel. 

A combination of cedar and pine line the floors, walls, and ceiling, giving the interior a rustic camping vibe that we adore. 

But while the cottage itself is perfectly sweet, the real beauty here is in the location and what lies just outside of the garden-style doors.

There, you’ll find a relaxing outdoor sauna and a stunning bedrock picnic area near the water. 

Speaking of the water, it’s seriously so clear and calm, making boating back to the mainland safe and delightful.

Now, $300,000 might not get you very far in Toronto, but who needs a tiny condo in the 6ix when you could have this private kingdom all to yourself instead?

Honestly, what more could you ask for? This place is dreamy.

There's also plenty of trails so you can hike through the island's forest area.

In the summer months, the island, located around one hour from Sault Ste. Marie, becomes covered in wild blueberries for you to pick and enjoy. 

Imagine sitting lakeside snacking on fresh fruit that you foraged yourself.

And, for the inevitable days when the weather is not so nice, you can cuddle up in the cozy loft area, taking in gorgeous lake views from the huge windows.

While the cabin only has two official bedrooms, there’s ample space for extra beds throughout the space.

So you and the whole squad could move in if you wanted to.

Outside you will also find a boathouse with solar panels, a storage shed, an outhouse, a small generator room, and a dock that stretches out into the lake.

Truly, what a steal this place is. You'd have to relocate, but it'd surely be worth it?

Island Jd 181

Price: $259,900

Address: Huron Shores, Thessalon, ON

Description: An incredibly cozy cabin situated on a breathtaking private island that's actually affordable. The total dream!

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