Canadians are known for being nice and kind people, but recently it seems like people have been on edge. Maybe it's the trade war with the United States or the most recent provincial election, but Ontario has had a number of over the past week. 

First, a woman attacked a Tim Hortons worker in Brampton and now an altercation in an Ontario grocery store has led to a man attempting a citizens arrest of an alleged "illegal alien."

The new video has gone viral on Facebook and the post explains the incident that occurred. Apparently, a young man, seen wearing a sweater in the video, had done nothing wrong when a man in a red shirt approached him in a London, Ontario Sobeys grocery store. He accused him of not being legally allowed in Canada, calling him an illegal alien. 

The video shows him confronting the man, who asks him not to touch him before attempting to exit the store. The man in the red shirt comes at him when the sweatered man asks him again not to touch him and to stop the assault. 

It's unclear what prompted the incident, but the man who confronted him stated that if he left the store he would a conduct a "citizens arrest" for the police, who he can be seen on the phone with during the video. 

Sadly, the incident did not end there as he kept asking the man if he was scared to be deported when the police arrived. 

Many of the comments on the Facebook post are debating what happened in the incident, such as if the man was stealing or causing problems in the store.  

Other than one woman who can be seen on the right side of the video, it's not clear if any other employees attempted to break up the altercation.

Narcity has reached out to the individual who posted the video and is waiting for more details to come.