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An Ontario High School Principal's Speech Got A Shock Shoutout From Trudeau

He actually remembered his coat this time!

It's not every day you get a shoutout from Canada's Prime Minister! After posting a clip on Friday, April 24 that was influenced by Justin Trudeau's daily press briefings, an Ontario principal's video got some street cred from the PM. Narcity spoke with Holy Cross Principal Michael Faught about the whole incident.

The similarity is uncanny.

In the short clip shared onto Twitter on Friday, Faught, who oversees the Kingston-area school, is seen stepping outside his front door to address the camera waiting for him.

"I made the video as part of an on-going effort to keep the Holy Cross community (staff, students, parents) connected during the pandemic. Since the start of the shut-down, our staff has really prioritized connecting with students and their families to maintain a link to the school (and to a sense of normalcy)," said Faught in an email sent to Narcity.

Although the goal of the video was to keep students and the school community informed, it seems like it also caught the Prime Minister's attention too.

In particular, Trudeau was approving of Faught remembering to bring his coat with him — avoiding the PM's mistake from a few weeks ago.

"Well done, Principal Faught! Glad to see you remembered your coat... won’t make that mistake twice," reads Trudeau's response.

"And thanks for sharing this message with your students - hope everyone at @HolyCrossCSS is having a good weekend!" he adds.

Faught told Narcity that he was inspired to encapsulate Trudeau's daily briefings to update his students and school community in such a creative way. 

And he deliberately drew on Trudeau's faux pas, too.

"Watching the daily updates from the Prime Minister gave me the idea of using a similar format to send out a message of encouragement to the community last Friday. I thought I could play on some of the elements from his updates (forgetting his coat, for example, and the translation of French into English) to send my message to the school community," Faught added to Narcity.

"When I got a notification on Sunday afternoon that the Prime Minister had retweeted and commented on my tweet, I was quite surprised, but also very happy that he had commented on the importance of the message that I was sending out," the principal continued.

"It was funny that he even threw in a self-deprecating comment about forgetting his coat. I thought it was great. For me, it continues the authentic, calm and human approach that he has taken in his daily briefings. So, I was pretty happy and then quite surprised at how quickly the attention to my video took off."

When asked whether he would be doing this again, Faught said he plans on doing a follow-up video but will speak with his "production team" — aka, his wife and three kids — as to making the video stand out.

Perhaps they'll draw inspiration from the Ontario author and his family who made a social distancing version of The Simpsons' intro?

Or, maybe they'll turn their focus to Trudeau's infamous "speaking moistly" comment like one Ontario ska band recently did.

There are certainly lots of Canadians getting creative right now.