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Snow & Freezing Rain Across Southern Ontario Is Going To Make Friday A Total Mess

Weather warnings and statements galore.
An Ontario Storm Is Expected To Hit Most Southern Regions And Make Friday's Commute Gross

Like clockwork, just as the weather looked to be evening out, another Ontario storm is on its way. Conditions are expected to turn nastier again from Thursday night, February 6, stretching into the weekend across the southern parts of the province. Weather warnings and statements are now in place for the majority of southern Ontario with expected freezing rain and snowfall set to make commuting a familiar nightmare.

The GTA and the City of Toronto are under a special weather statement issued by Environment Canada. The statement highlights that snow is set to become heavy at times starting on Thursday night.

But a big factor in making Friday particularly messy will be the freezing rain that is expected ahead of that heavy snow.

It sounds like you should expect the white fluffy stuff to start around midnight tonight, and for it to have a slick layer of ice underneath it when you come to drive to work in the morning.

So, it seems safe to say your Friday morning commute is likely to be pretty hairy.

Heavy snow is set to settle overnight with an estimate of five to 10 centimetres for most areas before it starts to go away Friday afternoon.

"Widespread snow will redevelop for Thursday evening and continue through the night and into Friday morning," said The Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham on Thursday morning. 

Graphics from illustrate just how widespread the tricky weather is likely to be.

[rebelmouse-image 25968300 photo_credit="" expand=1 original_size="1178x662"]

And, yes, Environment Canada is advising drivers to prepare to adjust driving with changing weather conditions. 

The majority of southern Ontario is under a special weather statement. However, if you're located or headed to the eastern side of the province, snowfall and winter storm warnings are in effect.

According to TWN, the area of southern Ontario that will most likely see a more significant amount of the white stuff include eastern Ontario from Kingston to Cornwall. A snowfall of 20 to 30 centimetres is estimated.

In fact, the weather in Ottawa is predicted to be so bad that the city has implemented its parking ban on streets that need clearing. The ban will be enforced from 7 a.m. on Friday until further notice.

When it comes to the first weekend of February, TWN says cooler conditions are expected with a sprinkling of flurries southeast of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron on Saturday morning.

But, come Sunday, temperatures are hoping to rise to around the freezing mark.

This isn't the first winter weather alert of the week, and that pattern looks likely to continue next week.

Snow will develop on Sunday evening with just a few centimetres of snow that could also affect your Monday morning commute.

But, to be honest, we've got to get through Friday first.

We're only a few days into the month and February is already giving us a reminder that the snow is not over yet. Oh no.

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