Tech issues, if you took computer science at college or university, they must seem like the easiest thing to deal with but if you’re one of us morons who gives up trying to fix something after turning it off and on doesn’t work they’re really annoying.

Wasaga Beach Ontario had a tech issue of epic proportions though and it wasn’t something they could just throw their computers out for.

The town’s staff got hacked for WEEKS and they eventually had to pay up. Here’s what happened. 

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Way back in late April of this year the towns computer system was hacked and all of the data on the computers was locked.

The hack was done by a group of cyber criminals who wanted 11 bitcoin as ransom money.

For the next 7 weeks the town hired computer experts to attempt to recover data from the virus and to rebuild a new network. Because they needed the data they couldn't just throw everything away.

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Staff also negotiated with the cyber criminals in order to obtain data.

In the end the town paid the hackers 3 bitcoin to have them unlock the system so that they could access between 85 and 90 per cent of the data they needed.

Each bitcoin cost the town around $13,000 Canadian, and it cost the town a total of $34,950 to unlock the data.

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If you factor in that they also paid for computer experts and overtime for staff to attempt to fix the issue and the whole incident cost much more, around $251,759.

They say crime doesn’t pay but tell that to the hackers here who held a town hostage for nearly $35,000. 

Source: Global