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An Ontario Woman Was Arrested In The U.S. After Officers Refused To Accept Her Canadian License

Emily Nield, a 27-year-old from Ontario, was charged and taken into police custody in the state of Georgia last month. The officer originally pulled her over for speeding, and then arrested her for driving with a Canadian license - which F.Y.I., is completely legal. Nield paid $880 US to get out of jail and said it was "most horrendous incident of her life."

Nield, who just finished her masters in Tennessee, was stopped for going 87 miles per hour in a 70 zone. After showing the officer her Canadian license, as well as digital copies of her passport, birth certificate and Nexus card, the cop reached into her car and handcuffed her for "driving without a license."

Via Emily Nield, YouTube

Emily Nield's car was impounded and she was taken to jail. With tears in her eyes, Nield sent a Snapchat video to her friends from the back of the police cruiser begging for help. "I'm in cuffs! Help me, I don't want to go to jail," she says in the video.

Thankfully, a friend who saw the Snapchat video got the Canadian Consulate involved. Nield was fingerprinted and had her mugshot photo taken at the station. Police never let her call her parents. She was eventually allowed to pay her own bail, plus $200 to get her car back. 

Via Mike2focus

Alone and confused, Nield said the whole thing was terrifying, especially because she assumed that the charges would go on her record and ruin her future. Thankfully the charges were dropped three days later, but won't be wiped from her criminal record for another few weeks.

Maybe the Cooks County Sheriffs in Georgia could learn something about the law and not harass Canadians. If a Canadian is speeding, sure, give them a ticket, but don't turn them into criminals because your knowledge of the law is flawed. Give Emily Nield the apology she deserves.

May 7, 2018

Nield is now home with her family in Kleinburg, Ontario. She's asking for a formal apology from the officer who arrested her. She also hopes that the officer will be reprimanded to make sure this never happens again. 

Source: CBC

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