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An Ottawa Professor Got Exposed For Telling Her Students That Toronto Is Hated By The Rest Of Canada (VIDEO)

Not exactly the time and place to say it, but she's probably right.

An Ottawa Criminal Law professor was caught saying that she's embarrassed to tell people that she's from Toronto, because apparently its hated by the rest of Canada.

The professor took time out of her lecture to talk smack about Toronto, and one of her students managed to get the whole thing on video. "I've lived in Ottawa for about a year and a half now," she begins, "prior to that I was from -- Toronto." 

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She literally looks ashamed to admit it. As she utters the word "Toronto," she actually breaks her eye contact with the class and stares down at the floor. 

"How many people here are from Ottawa?" she asks. The camera pans over to the rows of desks and a few students raise their hands. "Okay, that's why I said Toronto that way because I know -- well, most of the country doesn't like people who are from Toronto." PARDON? 

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"I don't like people who are from Toronto, I'm embarrassed to say it," she admits, "Fortunately, for the most part when people get to know me they say I don't act like a Torontonian, which is good." 

We have so many questions. How does one act like a Torontonian, and why do people hate it so much? Tons of people seem to agree with the professor in the comments section, giving ignorant Toronto folks a reality check. 

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"Unfortunately, this is true..." one person says, "I lived in Ottawa for 4 Years and there is definitely a stigma against Toronto in other parts of Canada."

Other people were less polite about it - "This is news to you? There was a documentary. People living in their Toronto bubbles. All of Canada hates us." Okay, if this documentary really exists, we need to watch it immediately.