Andrew Scheer & Doug Ford Are Keeping It Long Distance During The Ontario Campaign

Ford said he is "busy governing."
Andrew Scheer & Doug Ford Are Not Appearing Together During Ontario Campaign

Andrew Scheer has started his Ontario campaign, making his first appearance in Vaughan-Woodbridge and Etobicoke. However, people have started to notice that something, or more accurately, someone, is missing. Andrew Scheer and Doug Ford have not yet appeared together during the candidate's tour through the province.

Ford was at a rural expo in northern Ontario when he was asked whether Scheer's people had reached out to him. He said they had not.

"I'm busy governing," Ford said, according to CTV News. "It's a full-time job. I always joke around, they're working me like a rented mule this whole summer. Honestly, I just haven't had time." Ford also said that he did not want to "interfere" in the federal election, adding, "I want them to go out there and have a good race and let the best party win."

Ford is not the only premier who has not appeared with Scheer during the campaign. Brian Pallister and Jason Kenney, the Premiers of Manitoba and Alberta, respectively, have also not been present at Scheer campaign events in their provinces. Kenney, however, has said that he will campaign aggressively to get Scheer elected.

The Liberal Party has reportedly used any connection between Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer they can find in their campaign. Speaking at a Liberal Ontario candidates rally, Justin Trudeau said the province's middle class "can't afford another Doug Ford."

Canadians have also noticed the lack of Doug Ford at any Scheer events, and they have taken to Twitter to talk about why the two might want to stay at arm's length (or even further, for that matter).

Ontarians also called out Ford for his "I'm busy governing" comment, reminding everyone that the Ontario government has been adjourned for an extended summer break until October 28.

The Canadian federal election will be held on October 21.

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