Andrew Scheer's French Skills Got Low Key Slammed During A Press Conference (VIDEO)

A reporter chose to ask her question in English instead.
Andrew Scheer Got Low Key Slammed On His French Skills (VIDEO)

The government of Canada is still working in some capacity. That means that Andrew Scheer is still leading the opposition. He has been taking questions at his own press conferences, and one of those reporters took a shot at his French.

In an April 23 press conference, Scheer discussed the need for a national approach to reopening the economy. He also shared his own party's proposals for financial relief to businesses.

While the Conservative leader spoke and took questions in both official languages, his French skills got a low key slam from a Canadian Press reporter who had called in by phone.

"Bonjour Mr, Scheer, I'm going to try this in English because I'm sorry, maybe I'm just too tired, I can't follow your French," the reporter said.

Scheer did not choose to comment on his own French skills, but he did try and answer the reporter's question, which focused on his comments about reopening the economy nationally as opposed to going province by province.

"We're talking about ensuring that the government can get us to a place with clear benchmarks and detailed modeling to explain when we can get to the point where health restrictions can be revised in relation to where we're at with the spread of the pandemic," Scheer said.

The opposition leader has already expressed his belief that members of parliament should attend the House of Commons, rather than using virtual sittings, according to iPolitics.

He has also criticized the government for relying too much on information being provided by the World Health Organization.

Earlier this month, Scheer and his family flew to Ottawa on a small chartered plane with Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

He noted that everyone wore masks, that his wife had brought disinfectant wipes, and that no one was "speaking moistly" on each other.

During the federal election last year, Scheer's French skills were compared to NDP leader's Jagmeet Singh's, which appeared to impress people during the debates.