Throughout the 2019 federal election campaign, Canada’s major party leaders made the most of all social media platforms. From Andrew Scheer’s regular Twitter digs, to Jagmeet Singh’s rap videos on Tik Tok, and Justin Trudeau joining Snapchat, social media was definitely a big part of the campaign. However, after being one of the most prominent figures online over the past few months, it seems that Andrew Scheer has been avoiding social media since the election.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, it was confirmed that the Liberals had won Canada’s 43rd federal election, clinching a minority government by claiming 157 seats to the Conservatives’ 121. Despite the Conservative Party actually getting more votes overall, it was only hours before Conservative leader Andrew Scheer faced calls to resign.

While the rest of Canada’s major party leaders have shared messages and pictures on social media since the election officially ended, Andrew Scheer has remained uncharacteristically quiet on his personal Twitter account.

Despite Scheer’s noticeable absence from the internet both Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh have been active on their respective social media accounts, and Justin Trudeau has utilized all platforms to thank Canadians for their votes.

One of the first leaders to take to social media after the election ended was NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh. Shortly after the results were announced, Singh took to Twitter to say, “Thank you, Canada. What a night – and what an unforgettable journey this campaign has been.”

He went on to add, “With our new NDP caucus in Ottawa, I'm incredibly excited to continue our critical work to achieve the priorities that we’ve heard from people across this country.”

To conclude, Singh added, “The winner of this election is not a leader or a party - the winners should be Canadians. They want a government that works for them. Not the rich and the powerful.”

Green Party leader Elizabeth May has also been extremely active on Twitter since the election ended, using her page to retweet and favourite hundreds of comments and articles since Monday night.

In a tweet of her own on Tuesday, May wrote, “Behind every political campaign are hundreds of selfless, hard-working volunteers. Thanks to all of our donors, supporters, canvassers, staff, and especially our incredible candidates. For the @CanadianGreens, this is only the beginning.”

After a disappointing election result, in which he actually lost his own seat, People’s Party of Canada leader, Maxime Bernier, has also been uncharacteristically quiet online. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Bernier simply wrote, “Thank you to the 300k Canadians who supported @peoplespca candidates yesterday.”

He continued, “The results were disappointing. But the struggle for a better society never ends. And the principles and policies we proposed are more relevant than ever.”

After a surprisingly strong election performance in Quebec, Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-F. Blanchet has also taken to Twitter on multiple occasions to share tweets and pictures, thanking Canadians for their support.

Unsurprisingly, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has been keeping up with his social media presence since being elected Prime Minister, taking to both Twitter and Instagram to share messages and photos in the aftermath of the election.

In a Twitter post immediately after the results were announced, Trudeau wrote, “Thank you, Canada, for putting your trust in our team and for having faith in us to move this country in the right direction. Regardless of how you cast your vote, our team will work hard for all Canadians.”

On Tuesday, he took to Instagram to share a series of photos from his morning, writing, “Started the morning thanking Montrealers for their support, just like I did in 2015. I know we have a lot more work ahead of us.”

Despite the heavy social media presence of his fellow party leaders’ over the past 24 hours, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has remained completely silent on his social media channels, sharing nothing but a link to his election speech on Monday night. 

In an interview with the media on Tuesday,  Scheer confirmed that he would not be stepping down as the Conservative leader, simply saying, "The Conservative movement remains exceptionally strong and motivated ... We'll continue to prepare and fight for when the government falls."

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