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Canadians Can't Get Over These Photos Of Andrew Scheer Lurking In Toronto Bushes

"You must be one bush-width apart to shake Andy's hand."
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Canadians Can't Get Over These Photos Of Andrew Scheer Lurking In Toronto Bushes

It’s been a tough couple of days on social media for Conservatie leader Andrew Scheer. On Thursday, Scheer attempted to make a dig at Justin Trudeau and his choice of cultural attire during a recent trip to India, calling the Prime Minister 'an embarrassment.' However, the tweet seemed to backfire pretty drastically on Scheer, when Canadians were quick to respond with photos of him wearing the clothing of other cultures, calling him a ‘hypocrite.’  

After a somewhat humiliating response to his tweet on Thursday, things didn’t improve much for the Conservative leader on Friday morning, when he tried for a second time to drag Trudeau on Twitter. Again, while the aim of the tweet was to draw attention to Trudeau’s shortcomings, the response from Canadians seemed to be more focused on Scheer, and not necessarily for the reasons he intended.

In a tweet from his official page on Thursday, Scheer wrote, "Stopped to film a video in Toronto this morning and ended up meeting so many of you who have been let down by Justin Trudeau. Our movement has momentum and I’m not going to stop working hard to help you get ahead." 

Alongside the text, Scheer included four pictures of him ‘meeting’ the people he described, and the photos are somewhat … bizarre.

In the photographs, Scheer is shown to be shaking hands and chatting with members of the public. On paper, this is not particularly weird. However, Canadians on Twitter were quick to point out how awkward the pictures seemed, and several users took the time to ask Scheer the question on everybody's mind, why are you standing in the bushes?

While it is not particularly unusual for politicians to be made fun of online, there was a considerable number of replies to this tweet, and Canadians went all out with their jokes.

One user wrote, “Why are all these people being sure to keep at least three feet between you and them? Were you chasing them down University Avenue or something?”

Another responded to this tweet by adding, “And often separated from him not just by distance but also by a hedge.”

One witty Canadian joked, "You must be one bush-width apart to shake Andy's hand."

Canadian could not seem to get over these pictures of Andrew Scheer in Toronto bushes. 

With the October federal election nearing closer every day, it is really no surprise that Scheer is upping his Twitter game in an attempt to drag his political opposition.

While it can be assumed that many of Scheer’s Twitter followers will not be Trudeau’s biggest fans, Scheer may need to think his posts through a little more carefully in future, just to avoid any more awkward photo-wobbles!

    Helena Hanson
    Trending Editor
    Helena Hanson is a Senior Editor for Narcity Canada's Trending Desk focused on major news. She previously lived in Ottawa, but is now based in the U.K.
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