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Andrew Scheer Is Getting Dragged For "Hiding" From Climate Strikes

Scheer is the only major party leader who will not be marching today.
Andrew Scheer's Climate Strike Absence Is Garnering A Lot Of Attention

Thousands of Canadians have taken to the streets to show their support for 16-year-old Greta Thunberg’s Global Climate Strike movement. In Montreal alone, there is expected to be upwards of 300,000 protesters, all demanding that political leaders take more serious action in the battle against the climate crisis. 

While party leaders Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh are all expected to be present during Canada’s climate strikes, Andrew Scheer will not be marching. In a move that Justin Trudeau described as 'hiding,' Scheer will instead be continuing on the campaign trail in B.C.

As the only major party leader not marching for the climate today, Canadians have been quick to criticize Scheer on his decision not to get involved, with many taking to Twitter to reach out to him.

In fact, every unrelated tweet that Scheer had posted on Friday morning was met with several comments about his decision to avoid the climate strikes in Canada, with one user asking him, “Why are you avoiding this issue that matters to most of Canadians?”

Replying to an unrelated Andrew Scheer tweet on Friday morning, one Canadian wrote, “SHHHHHHH just shhhh about the smack talking and get to walking, thousands are marching for climate change today....join them.”

Another added a similar message to another unrelated post from Scheer, asking, “Why aren't you participating in the Climate Strike today with the other leaders? If you really cared about Canada and Canadians you would participate.”

It isn’t just the Canadian public that is trying to hold Scheer accountable for not getting involved in the climate marches.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused the Conservative leader of ‘hiding’ from the strikes, adding, “[The Conservatives are] not there with the demonstrators and they're not there with climate change.”

In response to questions from Narcity on Friday afternoon, a representative from the Conservative Party explained, "There are Conservative candidates across the country participating and supporting these demonstrations."

They added, "Conservatives understand the desire to protect and conserve our environment and reduce emissions. We know that Canadians are frustrated with Justin Trudeau’s lack of action, and we support Canadians’ desire for action on this important issue."

The Canada-wide event is expected to draw thousands of people, including Greta Thunberg herself.

Earlier this week, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May urged leaders to attend the climate rallies, saying the climate crisis is “more important than partisan politics.”

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