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The Conservatives Just Clapped Back After Andrew Scheer’s Gay Marriage Speech From 2005

Perhaps not the most apologetic of responses.
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The Conservatives Just Clapped Back After Andrew Scheer’s Gay Marriage Speech From 2005

With October’s federal election now only 59 short days away, tensions between the leading political parties are at an all-time high. While Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has gone to ‘obsessive’ lengths to drag Justin Trudeau over the SNC-Lavalin scandal, it seems it is his turn for a slice of controversy, after an old video of him slamming gay marriage has come back to haunt him. If it wasn’t bad enough already, the official Conservative Party Twitter page also got involved in the action, creating a massive thread dragging politicians from the Liberal party over their anti-gay marriage comments too. Yikes! 

On Thursday afternoon, a 2005 video of Andrew Scheer speaking about why gay marriage shouldn’t be legalized in Canada went viral, causing massive backlash and controversy across the internet. Shortly after the video, which sees Scheer making a bizarre connection between same-sex marriage and a dog having five legs (yes, really) went viral, the Conservative Party Twitter page decided to get involved in the debate, taking the opportunity to slam a number of Liberal politicians in a nine-tweet thread, that began with "We're just gonna leave these here..."

Of the eight tweets that were posted quoting Liberal politicians, five were directed at John Mckay, who is a Liberal MP for the riding of Scarborough/Guildwood. 

Despite the Conservative Party’s pretty-glaringly-obvious attempt to deflect Andrew Scheer's comments from 2005, the Canadian public was having none of it, noting that the equally humiliating comments from the Liberals do not let Scheer off from his seemingly homophobic comments. 

In fact, the overall response to the original post was pretty negative, with the overwhelming majority agreeing with one user, who wrote, “This is NOT a smart tweet.”

Summing up what most people was thinking when they read this response, another user added, “That’s a yikes from me buddy.”

A number of people who replied to the original post also noted that, while the comments from the Liberal politicians were equally awful, they were political “backbenchers,” rather than the potential Prime Minister of Canada. 

Several Twitter users also responded to ask why the Conservative Party Twitter page chose to fight fire with fire, rather than simply issue an apology on behalf of Scheer. One user said, “Whoever is running this account should just resign now. You're either really bad at your job, or you're just trolling your employer. A better response would've been for Andy to say he was wrong about his bizarre anti-marriage equality speech & has grown as a person. Not this.” 

Things went from bad to worse in the comments, as a number of voters admitted that this latest tweet had turned them away from the party. One user wrote, “And with that, I will not be voting for you this election.”

Another added, “And crap like this is why I can not even consider voting for you.”

“Let me get this straight. Your counter punch to the fact that the leader of your party is against equal rights for the LGBTQ community is that a few members of the Liberal party are as well? You're bad at this,” said one user.

It seems that the Conservative Party’s response tweet was pretty ill-advised, and hasn’t gone down very well with the Canadian public at all.

At the time of writing, there had been no official response or apology from Andrew Scheer or the Conservative Party about his comments on same-sex marriage in 2005.

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