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Scheer Reportedly Lied On His Resume & Now People Are Saying He's "Not As Advertised"

Scheer was apparently never accredited as an insurance broker.
Andrew Scheer's Insurance Broker Claims Are Being Turned Against Him On Twitter

Andrew Scheer has been using the phrase "not as advertised" to discredit Justin Trudeau and the Liberal campaign. However, those words are now being used against him, as a report from the Globe and Mail found that Andrew Scheer never received the proper accreditation to be an insurance broker, a job Scheer has claimed numerous times during the campaign to have held.

According to the National Post, Scheer tried to clarify the situation by saying, "I did receive my accreditation. I left the insurance office before the licensing process was finalized." However, the Liberal Party does not think that the explanation is good enough.

The Liberals have formally requested that the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan and the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan look into Scheer's claims that he was an insurance broker. In the request, Liberal MP Marco Mendicino wrote that Scheer "appears to have publicly and repeatedly misrepresented himself to Canadians," according to CBC News.

In an email to CBC, Conservative spokesperson Simon Jefferies wrote that Scheer "was accredited under the Canadian Association of Insurance Brokers (CAIB) program." He continued saying that Scheer had been working toward getting his licence, "but left the industry before acquiring it."

Whatever the legality of the situation may be, Canadians have already zeroed in on the idea that Andrew Scheer lied on his resume. The hashtag #ScheeringTheResume began trending on Twitter, and people also turned Scheer's own "Not As Advertised" slogan against him.

"Bulls**t #Andy but hey after you lose you can perhaps go back to Sask and try and get a license to be an insurance broker instead of being an insurance office #Gopher," wrote Twitter user @MerlinofCanada.

"I now understand @AndrewScheer use of #NotAsAdvertised - he was projecting his own lies about his work history and education, etc. If this was a job, he'd be fired. He should do the right thing and resign," wrote @faceless_vegan.

Twitter user @DanNickel thought that maybe he could get some insurance advice from Scheer, writing, "Hey, @AndrewScheer Is it better to bundle house, auto, boat & RV insurance into one company, or shop around for the best rates individually? Asking for a friend."

The Canadian federal election will be held on October 21. According to CBC's poll tracker, as of September 29, the Conservatives have a narrow 0.4 percent lead on the Liberals.

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