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Scheer Got Grilled About His "Dirty" Campaign On Live TV & It’s So Intense (VIDEO)

He was asked how he would explain his campaign to his kids.

The day of the Canadian Federal Election has finally arrived and party leaders and MPs will be eagerly waiting for the votes to be counted. Of course, even before voting was underway, the candidates were making media appearances for the final push of their campaigns. That includes Andrew Scheer, whose interview with Global News anchor Neetu Garcha included some tough questions about his campaign.

In a Global News clip from October 20 shared on Twitter by @vote4robgill, Garcha wastes no time before leaning right into her line of questioning regarding Andrew Scheer's campaign.

"This has been one of the dirtiest campaigns in many Canadians' memory, and with the latest allegations that your party has hired Warren Kinsella to attack Maxime Bernier many are concerned about the kind of campaign you're running," Garcha said. "On the final day, how do you feel about the campaign you've led?"

Garcha was referring to the recent revelation that Canadian writer Warren Kinsella's consulting firm Daisy Group was hired by a client to run a smear campaign against PPC leader Maxime Bernier. An unnamed source told The Globe and Mail that the client was the Conservative Party of Canada

Neither Kinsella nor the Conservative Party has confirmed this information. When asked directly whether Kinsella was hired by the Conservatives, Andrew Scheer repeated, "We don’t offer comments on contracts that may or may not exist on vendors we may or may not have a relationship with," according to the Canadian Press.

Scheer offered an answer in which he said the Conservatives have been running a "positive campaign," and that his party will make life more affordable for Canadians, unlike what might happen with a Liberal/NDP coalition.

"We've run a very positive campaign. Every morning we make an announcement about how we're going to make life more affordable for Canadians, how we're going to leave more money in their pocket, and how they're going to have a brighter future. When we look at the other parties, when I look at Justin Trudeau calling people who don't believe in the same things that he believes or don't hold the same views that he holds, he calls them un-Canadian."

Scheer continued, "When the Liberal war room, the Liberal campaign tries to make a link between a construction worker that I'm shaking hands with, trying to link that to racist groups, I see a lot of negativity coming from the Liberal campaign. But now in the last day here before polls open, the choice really is between a positive Conservative government that will make life more affordable, and an NDP-Liberal coalition that will have to raise taxes to pay for their billions and billions in new deficits."

Garcha did not appear satisfied with Scheer's answer, however, and went after him again.

"But Mr. Scheer, when asked why you're spreading false information about your opponents, like among other false statements, saying the Liberals will decriminalize hard drugs and saying the Liberals and NDP will raise GST when they say that's a lie, you can't draw conclusions where the hard facts don't back up what you're saying," Garcha said.

"So, you've explained your reasoning to Canadians, my question to you this morning, is how do you explain to your five children, from toddler to teenager, that it is okay to lead a dirty campaign based on information that is not entirely true and constant attacks on your opponent?"

Scheer responds, "Well, of course, I reject the premise of that question. We know that like night follows day, tax hikes follow massive deficits, and when you add the Liberal and NDP platforms together, you see the deficit ballooning to $40 billion. Now, taxes will have to go up to pay for it. If it's not GST, it could be personal taxes. That's up to Justin Trudeau to have the guts to tell Canadians today before they vote which taxes he will raise."

For the full interview, you can check out this link.

Voting takes place today, and you can check your polling hours and find out where to vote at the Elections Canada website.

*This article has been updated.

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