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Canadians Were Chanting "USA" As Andrew Scheer Walked Into Tonight's Debate (VIDEO)

The crowd was even waving American flags.
Ontario Editor
Canadians Were Chanting "USA" As Andrew Scheer Walked Into Tonight's Debate (VIDEO)

It was only a few days ago when Scheer made headlines for being a U.S citizen. The Conservative party confirmed that their leader did, in fact, have a dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship that he had failed to mention. It seems that this news is following Scheer into the Leader's Debate tonight as crowds were heard chanting "USA" as Scheer exited his campaign bus. 

On Monday evening, Scheer was seen stepping out of his campaign bus with his wife as they made their way towards the Leader's Debate. 

As Scheer waved to the crowd while exiting the bus, the chant "USA" took over, with some crowd members even waving the American flag. While Scheer didn't seem to react to the chants, it's obvious that some Canadians are still shocked that Scheer has this dual citizenship. 

The chant, which lasted as he made the walk from the bus to the debate building seemed to be a talking point for many Canadians before the debate started. 

One Twitter user even shared the video stating, "Crowd chants USA! USA! USA! at Scheer as he exits election bus."

While another pokes fun at the situation, stating, "Okie, but people cheering USA, USA! As Scheer walked off the bus for the #leadersdebate2019 is hilarious."

The chants come after news broke on October 3 that Scheer has a dual citizenship with Canada and the U.S. While Scheer was born in Canada, his father is American and got Scheer a dual citizenship between the countries when he was a child. 

After Scheer became the leader of the Conservative Party, he decided that he would renounce his U.S. citizenship before the elections. While the paperwork was filed in August, it has yet to be passed. 

While many Canadians seemed shocked and angry by the news of Scheer having this dual citizenship, Scheer seems to think otherwise. 

When questioned about the citizenship from New1130, he stated that "it's not a big deal."

However, with Canadians chanting USA as Scheer entered the building, it shows that this news is affecting Canadians more than Scheer may think. 

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