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Andrew Scheer Plays Beer Pong & Burns Professors In Newest Ad Campaign

Apparently the posters were meant to be funny but nobody's laughing.
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Andrew Scheer Plays Beer Pong & Burns Professors In Newest Ad Campaign

There's been yet another surge of backlash against the federal Conservatives. The Conservatives are coming after university professors for their opposed left-wing beliefs in new posters being handed out to university students. Andrew Scheer's left-wing volunteer posters were meant to be funny but it missed the mark with most Canadians. Especially when the poster features a photo of Scheer playing beer pong. 

The Conservative Party has been handing out flyers to students on at least one university campus in Toronto this week. The handouts read: "Because you can only hear the same left wing talking points from your professors so many times." 

Scheer denies that this was an attack against professors or an attempt to regulate who universities can or can't hire.

According to CTV News, Scheer said that the posters are "a way to get people engaged on campus and it's meant to be a launching pad for discussions and debate and hearing other points of view."

The flyers seem to be a way to get people to volunteer for the Conservatives, telling people that they can contact the Conservative volunteer department by email to get more information.

It also tries a little too hard to appeal to university students by showing Scheer playing beer pong. 

Yes, you read that right. Beer pong. 

The poster shows the Conservative leading attempting to land a ball in a red solo cup, and Canadians aren't sure what to think about it. 

As has become the norm these days, people took to Twitter to complain about the posters and shade the Conservatives and Scheer.

Despite the Conservatives saying that the handouts were supposed to be funny, people are taking it very seriously. 

"I feel that this is very presumptuous on Andrew Scheer's part. He assumes that all professors are brainwashing their students versus providing facts and helping students develop the capacity to critique and decide for themselves what they think," Corrine Cash, professor at St. Francis Xavier University, told Narcity.

It is unknown if these posters have been given to students at other universities in Canada or if they will continue to be handed out at all after the backlash. 

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    Lisa Belmonte
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